Look Ahead: What Do We Want to See in Online Casinos in 2021?

The history of online betting has come a long way so far, it’s been over 20 years in full growth and the industry continues to heat up even after so long. In 2020, we had the pandemic and with it a big drop in the revenue of physical companies. Despite this, there has been an exponential growth in the number of customers betting on online casinos.

With the growing market and the commitment of providers to offer what is most modern, the prospects for the year 2021 are the best. We are still at a time where unnecessary exposures should be avoided, this only raises expectations for inevitable changes, like the ones highlighted below.

What Do We Want to See in Online Casinos in 2021?

  • Betting on Esports: although many people are not yet familiar with esports, the new numbers show that the new generation of customers is looking for entertainment and interactivity. Many people compete in the most popular sports like Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft 2 and CS: GO. Some casinos already work exclusively with this market.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Another market that is expected to grow even more in casinos in 2021 is cryptocurrencies. The use of virtual currencies is increasing, as it is a confidential, secure and very fast form of payment, ideal for this type of business.
  • Interactive Games: punters no longer want traditional slots where you spin the reels and wait for the result. In order to have a complete gaming experience, providers are in the process of perfecting augmented reality mechanisms in their games. This will allow greater integration of the player with the entire plot of the game and with features that enable interaction.
  • Mobile Access: as it has been in previous years, there is a consensus that gaming via smartphones will have a wide reach in 2021. The pandemic had already changed habits, players started to access the casino by mobile phone and it is estimated that this behavior remain even after the end of social isolation.
  • News and Updates: we always have expectations about new creations already announced by providers and updates that will further enhance the features already offered in different modalities. With more operators watching the needs of new players, there is a trend of growth and maturation of more technical games.

Casinos are contributing to the growth of online entertainment. Gamers recognize that developing new technologies and above-average features is a high priority for providers. Covid played an important role in revealing this new reality that was announced in previous years.

Online casinos in 2021 will become even bigger and safer. We wait for new sites to gain the necessary regulation and that they can finally establish themselves in the country. The news is being revealed little by little, no doubt you can be surprised by what you expect.


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