Do eSports Players Earn More at Casinos?

We already know that eSports are electronic gaming competitions, played individually or in groups. Many online casinos are offering this modality and at some point the customers of these companies can also take the opportunity to test new betting possibilities.

Here we’ll highlight the main differences between betting in casinos and eSports, plus all the skills you need to excel in any game you choose.

Differences Between Casinos and eSports Gamblers

Individual Work x Team Work

Casino gamblers mostly play individually. After entering the casino, you will see poker, baccarat and blackjack tables full of great special features. However, if you want to win a match you must first test your skills to gain enough experience.

In eSports, on the contrary, games are improved as the player is integrated with his team. The more the player communicates, interacts and shares information, the greater the chances of success.

Action by Reflection x Strategic Thinking

If you’re used to playing chess or poker, you’ve probably noticed that actions take a lot of time. Strategic thinking also depends on the ability to focus on different situations.

Virtual sports players need to make decisions in a fraction of a second, any rash decision can harm the entire team. Physical coordination must be meticulously synchronized with thinking and training is essential in this process.

The Profits of Casino Games vs. ESports

Professional poker players, for example, can earn thousands of dollars a year in world competitions. However, for you to be a professional player, you must establish criteria and strategies. If you’re thinking about participating in good championships, be prepared to pay dearly for entry.

On the other hand, eSports players make a lot of money through sponsorship and championship wins. Virtual athletes must share the profits with the team, buy good training equipment and other big expenses.

What can we expect for the future?

As we can see, these two activities are quite different, although they are gathered in the same casino environment. The integration happens due to the growing number of customers looking for electronic sports. The new generation of gamers is looking for skill-based gambling and this has brought about a lot of changes in gaming.

The growth of the eSports casino industry marks a major shift in the way people want their games. Many land-based casinos have already implemented the merging of online casino games and eSports to appeal to the younger crowd.

It is very easy to imagine the future of casinos where traditional games and electronic sports merge. This new betting concept is an important step on this journey.


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