Buckhaven Mothers Live Authentically to Make A Global Impact 

One of the hardest decisions mothers make today is whether to stay at home with their children or to pursue careers outside the home. Sometimes you can have both, and three Buckhead women are proof that you can create a professional legacy for the next generation while simultaneously serving as a living role model for your own daughters.

Because COS

What are the cool kids wearing? Just ask COS associates, Cameron Clark and  Kimberly Coulton.  COS opened its first store on Regent Street in London in 2007. The Shops Buckhead Atlanta welcomed COS to the neighborhood in February 2016. COS offers a high quality, timeless, understated look that lasts for more than one season in your wardrobe. It's one of our…

Smart Cars

Here are three 2019 automobiles that we chose for this women's issue for their handling, special features, pricing, and simply because the driver sits higher up for better visibility.

Hello BuckHaven. My mom Emily kept a pink Avon lipstick, clear plastic rain hat, white comb, A&P coupons and a few clean tissues in her purse at all times. She wore an apron on Sundays when she made dinner, still dressed for church where she sang in the choir and taught Sunday school.  She served … Continued

May 2019 Around Town

Collage Society Show By hosting an established group of collage artists, Gallery 4945 is highlighting the variety of styles and techniques that their artwork represents. Collage as an element of fine art was first introduced by Picasso and Braque over 100 years ago. Today it is valued for its immediacy, expressiveness, and tactility.  Collage is … Continued

BuckHaven Salutes Songster

Singer and actress Deb Bowman graced our February cover so we threw a party at the fabulous Atlas Buckhead, where a beautiful new covered glass garden bar will open soon. Advertisers and friends joined to toast to Deb and to the team at Atlas where she sings every Wednesday. AtlasRestaurant.com

Carter’s Preemie Dream Team Event

Carter’s hosted the Preemie Dream Team, an exclusive group of parents, caretakers and supporters of premature babies, at its Buckhead headquarters to gather insights on preemie needs. NICU nurses from Northside Hospital and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, local March of Dimes representatives and families with preemies were in attendance.

Shepherd’s Men Fundraiser Celebration

The Shepherd’s Men – a group of volunteers from the Shepherd Center – recently hosted a fundraiser celebration with country music star Charlie Daniels to raise awareness for the SHARE Military Initiative, a locally operated veteran mental/physical rehabilitation program responsible for saving hundreds of American lives. www.shepherd.org/share.

Menopause and the Publix Parking Lot

Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, joint aches, muscle pains, weight gain, depression and thinning hair. Pour yourself another cup of coffee or glass of wine because this list of symptoms is the recipe for a long night of terrifying medical google searches.  What’s even more terrifying is that nearly half of the population is likely to experience some, or even…

Time is Money: Creative MedSpa Knows How to Slow Down Aging

When it comes to self-care, we are all searching for genuine results. Creative MedSpa strives to meet the demands of the modern, forward-thinking men and women of Atlanta by combining the luxury of Hollywood’s celebrity skin therapy with practical, personalized treatment plans.

Breathe at Blue Heron

Take a moment to breathe. Find a relaxing place, a special place, that you can have a moment to yourself. Your special spot should be nearby and full of lush surroundings that are distanced from hustle and bustle of the city. The Blue Heron Nature Preserve is just that place: a 30-acre green space in the heart of Atlanta.