Happy August BuckHaven,

What was your summer job as a teen? I bet you remember those paydays and the purchases, big (college tuition) and small (that sweater) you paid for with your hard-earned bucks. I was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons every summer, staying at the club after closing hours for...more swimming. We salute all the hard-working teens who are back to…

The Inspiring Sullivan Sisters

It’s said the bond between sisters is unbreakable. That holds true for the Sullivan sisters who are three years apart, have strikingly different yet beautiful personalities and, most importantly, share a deep love for one another. In the last several months, however, Saville, 20, and Lilia, 17, have embarked upon an unexpected and challenging journey--but they face it together.

Stay calm and kindergarten on

We asked last year's graduating kindergartners at Sarah Smith Elementary School to share their sage words of advice to our little friends heading off to school this month. It's all about making friends and having fun in gym class! Thanks go to their inspiring teachers, Mr. Almand and Mrs. Vickers.

Cool Clubs

Take your seat...class is about to begin! English, math, science and even PE--there’s time in the week for any subject in the book. But, what about the extracurriculars--those outside-the-classroom experiences that could set students apart from the rest and allow them to explore their passions outside of the textbook?

2017 BMW 530i Sedan

The BMW is one of the most impressive in the 2017 class of luxury sedans. The exterior's remodeled balance of sleek meets muscular thanks to chief of design Karim Habib’s vision can be further enhanced by strongly recommended package options for the $51,200 base model.

Tracing Passions

I'm an architect, and have been since November 4, 2015, when I received my license to practice from the Georgia State Board of Architects and Interior Designers. It was a proud day, many, many years in the making. Becoming an architect is a multi-year process involving at least five years of college education, three years of work experience, all capped…

Study Up!

Nandina Home & Design is an Atlanta interior design firm whose professional interior designers use their skills while working with clients to create distinctive and stylish interiors. They are qualified to assist clients with all aspects of the design process…from complete construction projects to simple paint and fabric choices. In addition to full-service interior design, their retail location in historic…

Pony Up!

With a passion for polo and a desire to give back to the community, Randy and Heather Pullen hosted the first Pony Up For A Cause fundraiser in 2016. They decided to take a leap of faith and use their love for polo in Atlanta to partner with Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities to host the inaugural event held at…

August 2017 Around Town

Peachtree Hills Place (PHP) is nearing its groundbreaking in one of Atlanta’s most beautiful neighborhoods, Peachtree Hills. Nestled in the heart of Buckhead, this one-of-a-kind luxury neighborhood will soon offer condos and homes for residents 55 years-of-age and older. With downsizing being a key feature of the design, homes range from 1,400 to 3,000 square feet. With home ownership, residents…