Fabulous February

 February is the month for love.  And tradition.  And international celebration. 

Sweet Spot

Jaime DeGrave didn’t need a career boost, a hobby to fill spare time or outside interest to feed her passion for sugar and beautiful food. She has a demanding full-time marketing job, coaches and trains at a local CrossFit gym and is raising a 9-year old son.

A Lesson in Teppanyaki

When Katana opened in Buckhead, they broke the mold for hibachi restaurants. Guests watch chefs prepare artful Japanese dishes on an open grill, executed to perfection. Katana was inspired by Japanese steakhouses, however that is where the similarities between the two end. Katana deviates from the standard image of a hibachi-style grill. Fresh Maine lobster, Icelandic lamb, and organic free-range…

Safro’s is What’s For Dinner

It’s another scorching day and I’ve been in and out of the sweltering heat shuttling kids from school to sports to scouts. My blouse is stuck to my back, not to mention, who has time for an early evening grocery store run? The kids are hungry for dinner NOW. I’m out of gas (literally and figuratively) which is exactly why…

Rustic Neighborhood Bistro – F&B Atlanta

The bustle gets a little louder as you walk closer to the entrance of the restaurant at the corner of Peachtree and Peachtree-Dunwoody Roads. A welcoming hostess not only seats your party but also validates your parking and offers a coat check – extra points for that additional attention to hospitality. The bartenders wave and smile as you are shown…