Happy holidays, friends!

You know how we feel about shopping locally. Our advertisers are local. Our favorite shops and haunts are local. We bring you stories every month about local businesses that make living in Buckhead and Brookhaven convenient and fun. So, during December when shopping lists seems to be at the top of our list, we hope you will carefully consider where…

Hello, BuckHaven.

In sixth grade, I came home one day to find blue shag carpet newly installed in my bedroom. Down the hall, my little sister was rolling around on her new multi-shade pink shag flooring. Ah, that smell. We were rich, I thought! Mom added a blue patchwork quilt (procured from a fund raising auction at the preschool where she taught),…

Hello, friends.

Our publisher is a grandfather! Jim Newman's gorgeous daughter, Lauren and her husband Mario Rials, proudly welcomed a baby girl, Brixton Rials. Jim is thrilled, though we just can't imagine how such a young guy could possibly have a grandbaby! Welcome to the Lifestyle Publications family, sweet Brixton.

It’s that magical time, BuckHaven!

Wherever your allegiances lay, it's time to grab the pom poms and plug in the crockpot. Even better, suit up and hit the gridiron, court, pool or gym to hone your own personal athletic goals and enjoy Atlanta's slightly cooler temps. In this issue, learn about how Meetups can help you find your next workout partners or even a kickball…

Hello, Readers.

I’m trying to hold onto summer, but all this talk of back-to-school is fading my freckles. I have one daughter starting college (Albion College, Michigan) and one son who is a sophomore in high school. I’m excited for them, but the school supplies are getting more expensive!

Hello, summer

Every summer for the last few years, I’ve made a summer playlist that I listen to at the beach, while work on this magazine, during runs in the wood or over tall cold pink drinks on the porch with friends.

June 2015 Editor’s Letter

 Happy June, BuckHaven  Men, men, men.    Brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, husbands, boyfriends, friends who are boys. Sons.

May 2015 Editor’s Letter

 Hello, BuckHaven.  We are still reeling from last month when we celebrated three years publishing Buckhaven Lifestyle magazine. What a fabulous ride! We’ve met so many generous and entrepreneurial people along the way, growing and evolving as we go.   That’s what travel is about, right?