It’s our 7 year anniversary!

Seven years ago I was launching my first publication ever with no idea of what to expect or how it might be received by our readers.  It was a proven formula of success in Kansas City but would a community publication mailed direct to a targeted family audience in specific areas of our city be accepted and would it have a positive and meaningful impact on the community?

Seven years and four publications later I am so proud to see that the answer has been yes and I believe we have added some meaningful and substantial value to our community.  Linking families, businesses, organizations and people together is always a positive thing but not always easy.  We wanted to be a connector, where we could join people together to make a difference within the community and we now know we have and continue to do this.  

We have supported charities around the community like the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities and  Polo in the Pines for pediatric cancer research.  We have helped raise funds and connect people with grants benefiting, for example, Wellspring Living. One of our stories touched a reader whose group made a $100,000 grant happen, funding a new safe house.

 I am very proud of our team, the culture and sprit in which we take on the day and our magazines and how we strive to make a difference for our community.  

We have been blessed to be given this opportunity.

Jim Newman, Publisher