When I was in eighth grade, my brother gave me a book of fashion photographs by Richard Avedon. This little Midwest girl shopped at The Gap and some other long-gone boutique in the local mall. I was a short tomboy with zero fashion sense but knew that book was something special. The only thing I had in common with those models was the gap between my two front teeth, a look shared by the leggy Lauren Hutton. I pored over those pages, appreciating, even then, the composure and confidence that fine clothing promised. 

While I never possessed pieces by Halston, Dior or Yves Saint Laurent, I somehow found my confidence from simple separates and today have more blue in my closet than I probably should. 

But, style is personal.

And, fashion is about finding things that make you feel like the best you. 

The Instagrammers in this issue have each found a niche, splashing out their own style across social media’s most visual channel. They live nearby, so watch them for inspiration and hints on finding your next favorite piece.

I am hitting local boutiques this month to shop for the perfect outfit for Polo in the Pines, October 13 and 14. Lifestyle Pubs is a proud sponsor again and we can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing. Find a fabulous hat and join us to help support all the good work at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.


And remember, you’re never fully dressed without a smile.