Impressive Characters

Men of BuckHaven who are making a difference

Chris Dauria, owner, Johnny’s Hideaway celebrating 39 years in Buckhead

Giving back: Johnny’s Hideaway does a yearly event with Toys for Tots. We did an event to support hurricane events and donated 1,000 cases of water to the victims in Florida. We just started joining forces with No Kid Hungry.

Blowing off steam: I like to go to the Whisky Mistress, Club at Chop’s or Hal’s.

Favorite fuel with friends: Bones for their great burger and the atmosphere to have a meet and greet or a business lunch.

Sage advice: Happiness is a journey not a destination.


Richard Waterhouse, Executive Director, Buckhead Heritage

Giving back: Buckhead Heritage identifies, preserves,and promotes Buckhead’s historic resources including Harmony Grove Cemetery, dozens of interviews for our Oral History Project and more.

Blowing off steam: I enjoy walking Buckhead and discovering all the changes taking place in the area. My favorite place to walk is the Duck Pond in Peachtree Heights East.

Favorite fuel with friends: The Treehouse Restaurant in the Peachtree Hills neighborhood is a quiet place with excellent food and refreshment.

Sage advice: To figure out what your passion is and give that passion back to your community either through your job or by volunteering at your favorite nonprofit.


Charles Denyer, Number One Observatory Circle, at your favorite bookstore

Giving back: I believe in helping those who don’t have a voice to be helped, that’s why I’m a big advocate of animal rescue, especially dogs. Man’s best friend needs help and a loving home.

Blowing off steam: I love to go to the St. Regis bar on a Friday or Saturday night with my wife and grab a bottle of red wine. It’s amazing the celebrities you run into and can actually strike up a normal conversation with them.

Favorite fuel with friends: Everyone that comes to town is treated to the O.K. Café, and why not, it’s an Atlanta favorite with incredible food and a fun, informal atmosphere.

 Sage advice: Everyone always says to follow your dreams and passions, and it’s true! Do what you truly love, but always remember that family comes first no matter what.

Lucas Carter, Luxury Collection Specialist Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Buckhead Office

Giving back: I was a classical violinist so I have a great love for supporting the fine arts.

Blowing off steam: Seasons 52 and the St Regis Wine Bar

Fuel with friends: The Commerce Club at The 191 Building is wonderful to show someone the city and talk about the incredible history of Atlanta and the growth we are experiencing.

Sage advice: I like to tell friends that if you’re certain about something, and you feel like life has closed the door on an opportunity, just take two steps back and charge straight through that door!


Lawrence Kasmen, Berman Fink Van Horn P.C.,

Giving back: As board vice chair for Georgia Center for Child Advocacy we help provide free counseling services to victims of childhood sexual abuse and their families, forensic interviews of victims to assist police with prosecutions, and statewide prevention education.

Blowing off steam: I relax by spending time with my family. If we are not watching our kids’ play basketball, ice hockey or lacrosse, we love spending time outdoors, especially taking hikes along the Chattahoochee River.

Favorite lunch: True Food Kitchen, St. Cecelia and King + Duke.

Sage advice: I encourage my kids to view life as a cup half full, and not half empty. I tell my sons to have the courage to follow their heart and intuition and not to let the opinions of others drown out their thoughts, inspirations and beliefs.