Justin is a college student from Brookhaven. His life crumbled when he fell to the use of heroin and faced immeasurable problems in his young life. 

Amanda lives in Buckhead. Also young, in her twenties, she was struggling, staring into a black hole. She overdosed on her prescription medication and landed in the hospital. 

Both Justin and Amanda were the lucky ones, finding valuable help with minimal upheaval to the their young lives. Thanks to the holistic program at the Synapse Clinic, Amanda now lives a drug-free life. And, once Dr. Janet Cox began to work with Justin, his life was turned around and he was able to graduate successfully.

People in our community with a substance addiction can now stay at home, stay in school, and maintain regular office hours while they get the treatment they need to move forward in their lives. With more than 20 years of specialized service as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Janet Cox has created a luxurious commercial office atmosphere for her holistic clinic with a success rate high above the national average. If an executive, for instance, needs rehabilitation from abuse of drugs or alcohol, this new approach offers a complete program in one of the few centers of this type in our country. 

Synapse, LLC was established in 2015 by a team of psychologists that were interested in integrating neuroscientific principles and technologies into the treatment of substance use and co-occurring disorders. Driven by their deep concern about the extraordinary rates of relapse following treatment, they worked to bridge neuroscientific theory and technology into a clinical practice of substance use treatment. They created a comprehensive and personalized system of care that allows them to assess the impact of their approach to improving patient outcomes.

“Our approach is quite simple,” says Dr. Cox. “We are looking to affect the quality of life for our clients on every level. We include an ongoing yoga program with our yoga instructor William Hufschmidt, nutrition advice, assisted medication treatment, problem-solving therapy, lifestyle changes, group discussions, and private one-on-one counseling, as well as the use of interactive technology.”

Cox has long believed that increasing the understanding of the brain as an organ would become more and more sophisticated with the use of technology, such as scans, MRIs and brainwave ratios.

“Interactive technology is becoming more and more important in both diagnosis and treatment. It’s changing the field of psychiatry and psychology,” Dr. Cox says.

The Synapse SystemTM concurrently addresses substance abuse disorders and other mental health disorders by focusing on brain health, while teaching skills to regulate emotions and engage in critical thought. It combines 21st century technology with warm human interaction. The Synapse System has areas for individual, group and family therapy, a computer lab for cognitive rehabilitation, a yoga studio for the development of mindfulness, a pyschophysiological laboratory that utilizes Brain Paint neurofeedback, and neurocognitive and personality testing with NIH Cognition Toolbox, MMPI-2 and MCMI-IV.

“We located in Buckhead to be convenient to both the large residential and commercial markets concentrated in this part of the city.” Dr. Cox says. “We hope our services from personality to neurocognitive testing will answer questions and help solve the burden of addiction right here in our office.”