Mom’s Meatloaf, Made Mine 3

One dish I can’t live without is my mom’s meatloaf. Aside from the nostalgia of being at home with my family, it’s a classic, hearty Pennsylvania staple made up of so many of my favorite ingredients. It’s one of those dishes I asked my mother to make for me on my birthday every year. It’s simple and easy to make–just combine all of those delicious fresh ingredients in a bowl, put in a pan and bake – which is another reason I like it.  Don’t tell my mom, but when I make it now, I modify a few ingredients putting my cheffy twist on it!

John C. Metz, Executive Chef, CEO, Co-Founder of Marlow’s Tavern

Mom’s Meat Loaf

+ 2 pounds  80/20 fresh ground beef

+ 2 eggs

+ 3/4 cups Italian bread crumbs

+ 1 1/2 tablespoons fennel seed

+ 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning

+ 3/4 cup concentrated beef stock 
(Better Than Bouillon)

+ 1/2 cup fresh parsley

+ 2 teaspoons fresh oregano

+ 1 1/2 teaspoons fresh thyme

+ 2/3 cups sautéed Vidalia onion, minced

+ 2 teaspoons fresh garlic

+ 2 tablespoons tomato soup

+ Salt & pepper to taste

Directions: Mix completely and bake at 350 degrees for one hour.