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In its 26th year, the High Museum Atlanta Wine Auction will celebrate “The Art of Collecting,” from March 21 – 24. This year’s festivities will welcome over 125 vintners and 55 chefs, immersing guests in some of the best wine, art, and food that the country has to offer. The event chairs sat down with BuckHaven Lifestyle to share their thoughts on wines to drink now, enjoy later and give.

Beth Park

Red Wine: I am a huge fan of Cabernet Sauvignon and my favorite right now is from Moone Tsai in Napa. Moone Tsai is a small, handcrafted winery producing a deep, dark, full-bodied Cab.

White Wine:  Failla Chardonnay is a classic that embodies all that a California Chardonnay should be.

Bubbly Wine:  Schramsberg Sparkling Rosé and Chardonnay have been served at the White House since 1972!

Gift Wine:  We always bring Hogwash Rosé to friends.  It is a great price point, refreshing and delicious, and is like a party in a bottle!

Investment Wine:  Philippe Melka is a master winemaker/consultant from Bordeaux who works in Napa. He now makes his own wines and MELKA Majestique is a keeper.

Sandra Baldwin

Red Wine: My favorite is Kosta Brown Pinot Noir. I was seated next to Michael Brown at a Wine Auction Winemaker Dinner several years ago. They were one of the vintners pouring that night, and I was sold. We stock their wines in our cellar and enjoy them all the time.

White Wine: This is a hard one as I love many. But, if I have to choose it would be a white burgundy, Chassagne Montrachet. We just returned from Burgundy and had many wonderful ones. It was a trip that we bought at the Wine Auction last year. Beautiful wines. Try them, you will love them. We have been drinking them for years.

Bubbly Wine: This is another Wine Auction story. We have loved a couple of champagnes in the past, but I was introduced to Henri Giraud from France two or three years ago. We had a tasting at our house, and their wines are delicious. Drink them in a white wine glass, not a flute, and the flavor really comes forth. I love the vintage ones. Rosé is nice too!

Gift Wine: If I know someone likes wine and I take a gift, I will give a great Oregon Pinot Noir as the Willamette Valley makes so many great ones. It is nice for someone to try something different. I also have given Staglin and Kistler whites. There are so many. I love Cabernets too!

Investment Wine: The best wine we have invested in would be our collection of 1982 Chateau Lafite Rothschild. Not only do they hold value, but the quality of the drink is the most important, I think, more so than the pedigree. We like to open one of these and take it with us to one of the great restaurants in town to celebrate. The more it opens up the better it is.

Tickets and information at HighMuseumWine.org.