Writing this in Sama, the bright espresso and juice bar on E. Andrews, I’m surrounded by good energy. People are talking about ideas and sharing inspiring stories about their lives, their goals and their projects. It’s not that I’m eavesdropping. I’m just drawn to others who are full of positive energy, confidence and enthusiasm. I posted up after attending Mindful Mornings Atlanta, an hour-long meeting including a meaningful group meditation in Sama’s meditation studio. The topic of January’s gathering was “Resilience.” The 20 or so mission-driven men and (mostly) women shared thoughts on the topic after a meditation led by Octavia Nasr.  We all nodded in agreement that trust and confidence contribute to successful resilience and that volunteering and sharing make successful coping mechanisms. These people are self proclaimed “do-gooders” and, I suspect, all creative and productive in their nine-to-five lives. 

This month, we are featuring people who pour their passion into their work, makers who create beautiful work that make life easier and more fun.

Enjoy and make something cool this month!




“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how 
many times I fell down and got back up again.” 

Nelson Mandela