Trends to Try: 4 Fitness Classes to Kick Off Your New Year 1

Cookies, cocktails, calories, oh my! With the indulgence of the holidays behind you, there’s no time like the present to try a new workout. But, with all of the fitness class choices in the neighborhood, how do you find one that’s a fit for you? 

To make your transition into 2018 a little easier, read on for four options that might be the ideal way for you to kill some calories in the new year.   

Bootcamp, Barry’s Bootcamp

New to Buckhead, Barry’s offers 50-minute classes that will have you doing everything from running on the treadmill to lifting weights. For example, on Mondays, Barry’s focuses on arms and abs; Tuesdays are legs and butt; Wednesdays are chest, abs, and back; Thursdays are just abs; and Friday through Sunday are full-body workouts. “You’ll never have the same routine and will never get bored. And the dimly lit red studio, motivating music, and inspiring instructors will motivate you to run, lift and work harder than ever before,” says Barry’s Trainer Lindsey Sinicki (pictured left and right). “The cardio intervals and strength training combinations are proven to tone your body. This isn’t a fitness trend. It’s just science.” $32 per class,

Barre, West Coast Workout

Barre studios in Atlanta have become as common as street names that include “Peachtree.” But, what makes this 55-minute version unique is there’s no mat or floor work — you’re on your feet the entire time (so bring athletic shoes). “This workout is definitely taught at a challenging level for the client who is looking to take their barre workout to another level,” says Mattea Jones, a trainer at West Coast. Along the way, you’ll do moves like cardio lunges, traveling plies, and plyometric push-ups. “The exercises are designed to create the most effective workout to target all areas of the body,” Jones says. “And this class is high-energy and so intense that you’ll leave feeling both mentally and physically fulfilled.” $14 for first class (then drop-in rate is $28, with packages available),

Megaformer, Stellar Bodies Buckhead

Don’t let the appearance of the Megaformer machine scare you away. “They might look a little like Medieval torture devices, but really the Megaformer is an amazingly effective Pilates-based piece of equipment that takes moves like planks and lunges to the next level,” says Amy Selig, co-owner of Stellar. Using springs and pulleys to provide resistance, the 50-minute classes use upper- and lower-body muscles to provide a high-intensity workout that puts no impact on your joints. “If cardio, Pilates, and strength training had a baby, it would be this Megaformer workout,” Selig says. “Stellar was the first to bring this concept to the state of Georgia over six years ago, because we enjoy shaping bodies, helping clients achieve their best fitness potential, and forming new friendships within a goal-orientated environment.” $10 for your first class (then drop-in rate is $33),

Kickboxing, BURN Studios

If punching and kicking sounds like your cup of workout tea, head to BURN, which has a location in Brookhaven and a newly opened studio in Buckhead. “During the 45-minute BURNbox class, you’ll get started with some light cardio such as jumping jacks and push-ups, and then you’ll move into bag work, which includes boxing moves like jabs and hooks,” says Jeremy Levison, CEO of BURN. Next up, is a weights segment that is followed by core work. “It can be difficult for people to find time just to work out, let alone separate blocks of time for cardio and then strength training. This class is efficient and effective,” Levison says. “Plus, we offer other classes like yoga and indoor cycling, so you can satisfy all of your workout needs in one spot.” $99 per month for unlimited classes,