Sprout Salad from Atlas 3

Atlas Executive Chef Chris Grossman 

Dressing ingredients:

2 egg yolks

2 grams raw garlic minced

10 grams chopped dill

6 grams lemon juice

10 grams buttermilk

125-150 grams dill oil or grapeseed oil or your favorite

Cold water, kosher salt, black pepper

ricotta – thinned slightly with buttermilk

toasted sunflower seeds

freshly shaved parmesan cheese *use a vegetable peeler

variety of sprouts

Reserve oil and add everything else to vita prep.

Blend well and slowly incorporate oil. Cool over an ice bath for freshness and bright green color. Keeps up to three days.

Place the ricotta on the center of the plate, quickly dress the dill aioli around the ricotta, keep the heavier ingredients off of the delicate light greens. Toss the sprouts, sunflower seeds, and parmesan in a bowl with a little extra virgin olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice.  Season with salt and pepper, and Lightly place over the ricotta cheese.


Chef uses Vonnie’s Sprouts.  VonniesGreens.net

Try pea shoots, sunflower sprouts, and a sanbo radish, He is a true artisan and his technique for growing sprouts is unlike anyone else on the market, which in the end gives them the unique flavor.