Artists With Experience

The invitational exhibit entitled “40 over 40” offers innovative perspective on creativity and age. Presented by Chamblee’s new art venue, EBD4, the exciting show premiers with an opening celebration November 11, and runs through December 15.

Beginning with the Pop Art movement, a prevalent cultural misunderstanding promoted the mistaken notion that new and visionary ideas belong only to the young. The truth is, as artists age the chances increase for brilliant new expressions with a marked richness in their art.

The premise of the “40 over 40” invitational exhibit is to show that fresh ideas and talent come from people of all ages, and that artists with decades of life experience have even more to offer.

“40 over 40” presents works by Atlanta–area artists age 40 and over, whose careers range from newly discovered to seasoned. Under the curatorial efforts of Elyse Defoor of Brookhaven, the exhibit offers fresh counterbalance to the art-world ageism faced by many artists during their later years.

“When considering the impressive art made by famous older artists later in life such as Georgia O’Keeffe, and the many well-known mature contemporary artists such as Kara Walker, Anish Kapoor, and 100 year-old Carmen Herrera, this show champions artists who continue to take risks, explore, and do the work that they are meant to do,” says curator Defoor.