Meet Sandra Golden

Sandra Golden has been working in the sports/news business for 23 years.  The three-time Emmy Award-winning sports reporter and anchor has been interviewing athletes, head coaches, team owners, NASCAR drivers, movie stars, and everyone in between the rink, the ballpark, and the track over her entire career. She worked her way up in the sports TV business after graduating from Florida State University and Gulf Coast College.  She learned to edit, shoot, write and interview at her first stop in Tallahassee, Fla.  She then worked her way up from Market 159 to Market 7 here in Atlanta, where she has been working for the last 23 years. She is well respected as a journalist with stints at Fox Sports Net, WSB-TV, Comcast Sports, and Fox 5. Golden was a sports commentator for Nancy Grace, and has even been on Oprah! The Buckhead resident has won four Associated Press Awards for news anchoring and reporting, and she won three Southern Regional Emmy Awards for sports reporting. She is now one of the co-hosts of The Front Row weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon on Sports Radio 680 The Fan.

BHL: Imagine you have the day off… Where would you like to go in BuckHaven for breakfast, lunch, drinks then dinner?
SG: A full day of food and fun would begin at Highland Bakery–they have sweet potato pancakes! Enough said! For lunch, I’ll be at The Big Ketch… great fresh seafood… great atmosphere, reminds me of Florida. Drinks at the Palm… Love their new atrium bar, can grab great apps and a glass of wine with my girlfriends. We LOVE it. Then for dinner, I love HAVEN.  Romantic night out with my boyfriend… intimate, not too loud, delicious food!

BHL: When is your birthday? Where would you love someone to shop locally for your birthday gift?
SG: My birthday is February 18th… my go to spot for the perfect gift is Ona, in shops around Lenox… from candles to loungewear, great stationery, and beautiful baby gifts! Love that store, and they make a great gift bag! So I hope someone goes there for me!

BHL: What nonprofits do you make time for and why?
SG: I try to spend my time and energy on two local charities. The Rally foundation and Camp Twin Lakes.  Both of these make sure to keep the money here in ATL, and 94 cents of every dollar goes DIRECTLY to kids… I used to spread myself too thin, with too many charities, and I picked these two because they really give back to my community.

BHL: How about the locker rooms? Where do you like to do YOUR interviews with athletes and what is your go-to question to pull them out of their heads?
SG: Well, I have never had a problem in over 20 years with athletes treating me with respect. They have been great. I prefer to do any interviews and interactions on the field. I think both player/interviewer are more comfortable.

BHL: What games are you looking forward to covering this month?
SG: October 27th is a super Saturday for local college football:  Georgia and Florida battle in Jacksonville, and GT is at Clemson!  Gonna be a blast.