Buckhead's Beautiful Photographer 4

The first thing photographer Parish Kohanim did when he moved into The Galleries at Peachtree Hills was to remove the exposed beams and dark wood on the ground floor and transform the space into a sculptured white room with gleaming white marble floors: the Parish Kohanim Fine Art Photography Gallery. It is the perfect backdrop for his award-winning photographs. Printed on Plexiglas, the rich colors and vibrant shapes of his large-scale works seem to float in space without the restriction of mats and frames.

“Beauty is the essence of art,” Kohanim says. “We take the fundamental core of our emotions and through our creativity, shape these emotions into a reality that moves, inspires and unites us all.”

A perfect example is Kohanim’s images of Cirque du Soleil performers. The photographs on display will eventually be a coffee table book. “I worked with individual performers and I chose black and white to capture the beauty of their line and form rather than the color of costumes. Even shooting at 1/5000th or 1/7500th of a second—which is faster than the blink of an eye—the performers and I had to be totally in sync. It took many hours and weeks, but the final images represent the best of both of us: the incredibly high standards of the performers and my vision as a photographer.”

Kohanim brings the same dedication to his portraits. “First I get to know my subject. Based on that, I may decide on a neutral background or I may create a different world for them; a Tuscan landscape, a magical garden or a striking landscape.

“Once I have the final image, I blow it up on a 30-inch screen which allows me to pay attention to every small detail, like a wisp of hair or, in my floral series, the tiniest bit of pollen on the stamen of a peony.”

Technology comes in handy in other ways by allowing clients to preview Kohanim’s works on site. “I’ll take pictures in their home or office, then digitally place the art work so they can see it in context.”

Kohanim is always exploring new ways to capture beauty. In one of his latest projects, “Reflections,” he uses models and mirrors to create striking optical illusions.

Beauty has been the watchword throughout his career. Kohanim grew up and graduated from college in San Francisco. In the 70’s, he moved to Atlanta and opened his first studio. He has been a resident of Buckhead for more than 35 years, working as a commercial artist before turning to his first love, fine art photography. His wife Rosanne, who handles the business transactions, and Jared Lowery, Kohanim’s Right Hand Man, make up the staff.

Kohanim has the honor of being a Canon “Explorer of Light” for more than 20 years. Through this program he shares his passion and expertise by speaking to photography schools, groups, and clubs. He participates in seminars and workshops, makes personal appearances, and even offers one-on-one sessions, all as a way of sharing what he knows and loves. Kohanim’s art is also shown in the Besharat Museum Gallery here in Atlanta  and Barbizon, France, as well as galleries in Greenwich, New York, Dallas, and in France.

Parish Kohanim Fine Art Photography is located at 425 Peachtree Hills Avenue NE, Building 1, Suite 2. Drive into The Galleries at Peachtree Hills and turn left. Call 404.892.0099 or visit ParishKohanim.com.