Battling Cancer and Building a Future

Jay Eichelberger, founder and CEO of Snoozeenie, still remembers the day in April 2016 when he discovered he would have to battle cancer— for the third time. Eichelberger, a childhood cancer survivor, and his soon-to-be wife, Liz, were floored. They learned he was enduring a relapse of cancer in his lymph nodes.

“It was quite a shock,” says Eichelberger, who now resides with his family in Brookhaven. “Especially since all of my recent scans had been great.”

The Atlanta native and his fiancé/business partner were in the midst of building their company and planning a wedding. Now they had to figure out how to add in the chaos that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Over the next four months, the couple juggled surgery, chemotherapy infusions, doctor visits, wedding planning, and of course Snoozeenie. During Jay’s infusions, he would make business calls from his chemotherapy chair, while Liz applied her marketing background to complete the website. One of the most inspiring moments for Liz was when Jay managed to complete a Snoozeenie sale while lying in a hospital bed, post operation. “I was truly amazed at his dedication and positive attitude despite all of his trials and our setbacks,” says Liz. “It’s just one of qualities that makes him a great life and business partner.”

“I really wanted to use the cancer as a catalyst to push me towards my dreams instead of deterring me from them,” says Jay. In a way, Snoozeenie was a welcome distraction; a little bit of normalcy during a very unsettling time. Jay and Liz both credit the strong sense of community in the BuckHaven area as being a factor in their journey. Fortunately Jay has been cancer free since September 2016 and the couple has been happily married since October 2016. Jay and Liz attribute the speediness of his recoveries to the oncologists and nurses at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta who treated Jay’s childhood cancer, and those at Piedmont Hospital who treated his last diagnosis. “Even though we would have rather been anywhere but in an infusion center, there was so much hope and sheer determination in that room. I’ll forever be thankful for the strong Southern community we discovered there,” says Liz. With their solid home base within the Atlanta community and “can do” attitudes, Jay and Liz are looking forward to bringing peace to all sleeping situations across America. What started as a small idea for a peaceful night’s sleep proved to uplift spirits for the couple and their community. To learn more about Jay and Liz and their incredible journey or to purchase a Snoozeenie, visit