Vintage: Making Lawns New

The Chamblee and Cumming-based Vintage Lawn and Landscape Services Owner Peter Wood is not solely focused on making the grounds of homes and businesses picturesque. especially during the warm months. He says simply, “I enjoy making people happy.” And that unselfish statement makes perfect sense since Wood’s field of work experience for more than two decades demanded it. “I have always been in the service industry, be it restaurants to retail sales,” he says. “However, being outside in the dirt and having the opportunity to provide a service for people is what I truly enjoy.”

Wood, 48, is originally from New Hampshire but has resided in Georgia for the past 22 years. His mission to keep the latter state naturally beautiful has been a successful one with the Clarkston, Georgia-based Vintage, which he started in 1999. “We are a full-service company, offering landscape installation and design,” Wood explains. “We also offer irrigation installation and repair; low voltage landscape lighting; along with pavers, drainage, boulder and timber walls. If it happens outside, we can help you out.”

Woods graciously offers some tips for how how we can have green, healthy lawns throughout the summer, including some crucial do’s and don’ts for our readers:


  • “Fertilization and weed control for turf is very important! You should have seven to eight applications a year based on your service provider.”
  • “Pre-emergent weed control is paramount this time of year.”
  • “Both warm (Bermuda, Zoysia) and cool-season grass (Fescue) demand the proper fertilizer. This is very important to the spring green-up process. Warm season grasses will also benefit from aeration especially in April, May, and June. This allows oxygen and fertilizer to penetrate directly to roots.”
  • “Develop a fertilizer program with a reputable company.”
  • “One inch of water a week is optimal. Two good, extended watering periods during the week are better than four to five quick hits with the sprinkler or irrigation system.”
  • “Warm season grasses should be cut at one to 2.5 inches, while cool seasons should be three inches.”
  • “Beware of too much seeding during aeration of Fescue grass especially September through November. Please read the labels for the proper rates of application. This is the same for weed control and fertilizer. Walter Reeves is a great resource for things to do and proper timing.” [Walter Reeves is popularly known as “The Georgia Gardner” and has a very informative website at]
  • “We at Vintage provide aeration and seeding, and use very sharp blades for our maintenance customers. Sharp blades are key because  they will help keep lawns green and healthy.”

Thanks to Vintage Lawn and Landscape Service, homeowners’ lawns will be green, business owners’ landscape will look more professional, and overall, Wood’s mission is accomplished: Everyone is happy.

For more information on Peter Wood and his reputable business, visit the Vintage Lawn & Landscaping Services Inc. Facebook page, or call them at 770.415.9853.