Seconds at The Dessert Place 1

The Dessert Place is back.

After getting scoffed at for ordering just coffee and sweets at traditional sit-down restaurants back in 1979, Sheryl Meddin and Bennett Frisch decided to cook up their own business…and the concept of The Dessert Place was born.

The baker duo first came together when Sheryl’s now husband, brought her to his hometown of Charleston, SC to meet his family and introduced her to Bennett, his childhood friend. The two instantly clicked and voila, a seed for The Dessert Place was planted.

Meddin and her husband completed their undergraduate degrees at Emory University while Bennett studied at Boston University and later moved to Atlanta. The duo then decided to open The Dessert Place in the heart of the Virginia Highland neighborhood on the corner of Virginia Avenue and Highland Avenue, with four more locations following. After a vibrant career, the two shuttered the shop but still live in the area.

After a 20-year hiatus of the brand, a new baker is in the kitchen. Marisa Meddin is picking up where her mother and godmother left off. Using the same secret recipe, Marisa finds fans cannot get enough of the Cream Cheese Brownies. After years working in both New York and Los Angeles, Marisa quit her corporate marketing job and moved back to Atlanta to be closer to friends and family. She was excited to return to the unique mix of southern and urban lifestyle that Atlanta offers. Meddin revived the brand to share its adored Cream Cheese Brownies with both original customers and new fans alike. The Dessert Place, now operating as an online platform, delivers Cream Cheese Brownies and Gluten-Free Cream Cheese Brownies for gifting, catering, and corporate crowds alike.

Original customers from The Dessert Place have been asking for the reopening of the famous dessert-only restaurant since it closed two decades ago. The Dessert Place and Meddin’s personal Facebook page are always full of fan inquires, both new and old. The brand’s nostalgia is still alive and well with many fans sharing their memories of the original brick and mortar. Others remember working at The Dessert Place while in high school and almost all the posts reference the famous Cream Cheese Brownies. Right now, Meddin lives in Ansley Park and is focusing on the brand’s famous Cream Cheese Brownies, but looks forward to expanding the brand’s offerings in the future. She wants to hear from all her fans to help decide what to bring back next. Puffins and Thumbprint Cookies are some of the requests she receives most often, but there were always lots of favorites on the menu.

For more information or to place an order, visit TheDessertPlace.Com.