Hello BHL!

My dad was a small business owner and entrepreneur, working with the Detroit automotive industry for nearly 50 years. His plant did vacuum metalizing and injection molding for the Big Three, cranking out tens of thousands shiny silver Chrysler logos for sedan dashboards, long plastic swooshes for exterior trim on Ford station wagons and occasionally working with a pal to design, manufacture and market some cool gizmo or gadget. They weren’t called “start-ups” back then. They were just guys with good ideas, a building full of tools and machines, a list of customers and a copy machine.  As a kid, I would ride my bike to the plant and make five bucks mowing the lawn (which was actually a field of crabgrass and loose rocks) or organize his desk for him. Dad was a Rotarian, contributed to local fundraisers and gave jobs to my siblings and their friends, no matter their skill level or hair length (I had 4 brothers, teens in the 70s). Long Live Sparling Plastic Industries!

This magazine is all about locally owned businesses.  We love to shop locally, depend on referrals from neighbors, and frequent advertisers who invest in the community (and its magazine). This month, we proudly bring you stories of products made here and businesses that make our community their home. Meet little miss Darden Glass, whose Brookhaven family makes pies and gives back a slice of the profits from Darden’s Delights to support organizations that enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.  Darden and her sister Anna contribute to the family business by helping name the pies, like Darden’s Dangerously Delicious Fudge Pie, Smack Yo Lips Lemon Chess and Off the Chart Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie.

Vote for Darden’s Delights and any other of your favorite local businesses in our first ever BEST OF BUCKHAVEN readers’ choice awards. Last month, we took your nominations (thank you!) and now you can vote for your fave shops, businesses, service providers, docs, restaurants and more. You’ll see our BEST OF logo on windows of readers’ favorite businesses and encourage you to give those owners a little wink (and of course, your business). Snap a photo of your family outside your favorite businesses and post it on our FB page or Twitter with the hashtag, #BestofBuckhaven.

Check out the lovely offices at Northside Hospital where doctors in the Center for Perinatal Medicine chose art to personalize their space and comfort patients in some small way.

We hope you pause to recognize the entrepreneurs among us, the mom and pop businesses and start-ups that make Buckhead and Brookhaven so special.

And, of course, head to our website now to vote for the best of these businesses!