Happy New Year!

I admit it.

I got emotionally involved with one of the stories in this month’s Health & Fitness issue. I got too close. I was a nervous mess before the photo shoot, with butterflies doing a number, my head swimming.  Athletes. Dedication, finesse, strength, success.

I love them all!

Meet our first ever Lifestyle Publications All-Star Team!  These sixteen amazing girls from high schools in our magazines’ readerships represent the best of the best. And, while their athletic accomplishments are nothing short of spectacular, we pause to applaud because of their balance.

Bonnie Shea is third in her class at North Atlanta High School, has been active in Model UN, Charity Girls, Varsity Soccer and National Art Society and she received Governors Honors for Visual Art. Bonnie will be attending Dartmouth next year and will be playing soccer for Big Green.

McKenzie Baker is a senior at Pace and is a member of the varsity basketball, soccer, and volleyball teams. While looking for a summer job last year that didn’t conflict with her strenuous athletic and academic summer schedule, she found a new passion. “I began by volunteering for Keeping Pace Summer Program at Pace. Keeping Pace is a summer program for the Atlanta children that live in the communities of Peoplestown and Vine City.” said McKenzie. “This camp allowed me to interact with a group of children that experience a different life than me. However, many times I realized that we had a lot in common. This camp led me to grow into a better person and put others before myself.” That’s what I’m talkin’ about! These girls stole my heart and I know they will steal yours too.

There’s more! Lifestyle Publications is thrilled to announce our first ever BEST OF contest, where you speak up and let the world know all your favorite places to shop, eat and do business in our community.  This month, go to our website, click the link and nominate your top spots. Then, in February, you’ll head back to that same site and vote for your all-time preferred businesses that will be among our BEST OF, announced in April.