Clutch Bags for Giving (and Receiving) 1

‘Tis the time to treat yourself or let someone treat you. At some point, everyone needs to upgrade her handbag and these below, are a great selection to add to your arsenal!

I LOVE a handbag! As a personal stylist, I see a lot of handbags and that’s a lot of temptation! For me, no matter how amazing a certain handbag might be, it has to work for ME, especially when we are talking about investment bags. My main criteria for a great handbag would be functionality, style (shoulder, cross-body, etc) and fabrication (if it’s leather it better be buttery soft).

Details are always a game changer for me. I love a bag with mixed media like shearling and leather or like the Monili trim on a Cucinelli bag, or a pinch of print like the Dior.  A great handbag can’t be so big you that you lose your keys, but it also can’t be so small you can’t fit your basic stuff in it as well. Cross-body bags are one of my faves because I can be hands-free (much needed when traveling and working! ). But, I love all kinds for different reasons.  For example,  I gotta have my “Boss Lady” bag for big meetings, my “I won’t die if my toddler writes on this bag,” evening bag and a good tote that I’m ok with having to put on the floor of an airplane.  Handbags are definitely a personal choice but these are some of my favorite bags from this season.