November 2016 Local's Choice 1

(Lamp):  My husband got me this ghost lamp for a birthday.  A ghost lamp is used in the theatre to illuminate the stage at night, so that no one falls in the orchestra pit, and to keep all of the ghosts away.  I’ve performed in theatre almost my life, and I could not think of a more perfect gift.  It also appeals to my love of antique style. I have a lot of antique pieces in the house.

(Puppies):  My dogs are my life!  I grew up with eight dogs…yes, I said eight…so I love dogs!  George is the beagle, and Lucy is the basset hound.  Both bring so much joy to our lives.  We love taking the dogs to Brookhaven Park to let them run around.  I don’t know if dogs really count as decoration, but I can’t imagine home without them.

(Skillets):  These iron skillets belonged to my grandmother and my mom.  I remember growing up and my grandmother using these skillets to cook every Sunday.  I can still smell her cooking and her delicious recipes!  I don’t get to use the skillets near as much as she did, but I hope to be as good of a cook as her and my mom.

(Book):  As an actress and attorney, books and reading are a huge part of my life.  When I booked the role of Patty Lynn, in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, my husband was able to get in touch with the author, Ben Fountain, and got me an autographed copy of the novel.  Books are great to decorate with as well because you are able to immediately display your interests and books are always a great conversation starter.

(Brewer):  I absolutely love coffee!  My day doesn’t start until I have my first cup.  Recently, I’ve become interested in different ways coffee can be brewed to capture different flavors.  This siphon brewer is also really cool to leave out on the counter because it’s so architectural.