Art for Life 3

Your home is all about you – your style and personality make it unique.  From hand painted plates for dinner parties to that one of a kind sculpture you brought back from South America, your home should scream you from the moment visitors walk through the door.

Most people, however, have trouble with art.  Blank walls can be intimidating, and choosing something to go on them can be daunting.  How do you choose the right piece of art for their dining room?  Where can you purchase a piece of art that you won’t see on all your friend’s walls?  Brookhaven resident and gallery manager Brenda Fannin, gallery manager for Carré d’artistes in Phipps Plaza, has plenty of tips for choosing the perfect piece of art.

Consider the Feeling

You buy art not only for the way it will look on the wall but also because it makes you feel something in your heart.  At Carré d’artistes, each artist offers something different, something that can inspire everyone.  “Each piece if a unique representation of the person who creates it and who displays it,” Brenda explains.

Find Something Unique

The problem with buying mass produced art is there’s a good chance you’ll see the same piece in someone else’s house.  It’s important to find something unique.  “All of Carre’s art pieces are certified and signed, insuring that they are one of a kind,” Brenda says.

Keep Appreciation Potential in Mind

Atlanta operates on a differently than most art galleries do.  “Artists within the Carré d’artistes network are shown internationally, which earns them extreme exposure to diverse art audiences,” Brenda explains.  “This is great news for buyers, knowing that their works of art have the potential to appreciate worldwide over the years.”  Most galleries feature a few artists that specialize in a certain area of the country; their art will never be seen in other parts of the United States, much less the rest of the world.  But with exposure comes recognition and appreciation, which is something to keep in mind should you plan to pass down your art pieces to future generations.

Buy local

The trend of buying locally has been going strong for a few years, and Carré d’artistes is no exception.  Supporting your neighbors in their artistic endeavors is important, and the gallery has hand-selected numerous Atlanta artists because of the influence they have on the city of Atlanta, with the goal of helping spread their names and stories to a wider audience.

Have fun!

“Creating your own art collection is an exciting process, and there is no cookie-cutter way to do this,” Brenda says.  “Purchase pieces that inspire you and will improve your personal space, or choose pieces that demand attention and are perfect conversation starters.”  There are no rules; do what makes you feel happy!

Carré d’artistes Atlanta opened recently at Phipps Plaza.