Ice Cream Dreams 4

Two friends and a passion for cooking and giving is where it all began. Andrea Overstreet and Jason Bronson have been cooking Sunday dinner together for more than 10 years, skipping right to dessert for the last few years, experimenting with ice cream and everything southern. They started mixing and dipping in earnest for the annual Roswell ice cream social raising funds for The Drake House. Since then, they have launched a successful Midtown sidewalk cart, created bespoke flavors for corporate and private events and hosted tasting parties. Jason and Andrea have created flavors like chocolate grits, sweet tea, brown butter fried apple pecan and maple caramel bacon. “We have gone as far as making biscuits and gravy and chicken and waffles into ice cream,” says Jason. This fall, look for the re-releasing of Sweet Potato Soufflé, a new flavors inspired by pumpkin, bourbon and apple butter.

I didn’t start cooking until I moved from the midwest to Atlanta 11 years ago as a poor college student. Andrea taught me how to think like a Southern cook and I discovered a real passion for cooking (but didn’t want to make a career out of it.)  I just like to eat really good food. I have worked as a web developer for the past 8 years at Carter’s Inc at Phipps Tower. I love working at Carter’s but my husband, David Goodrowe, has pushed me to start Southern Churn after seeing the response to our ice cream at the annual ice cream social for The Drake House.  

Jason Bronson

I started cooking at my Grandma’s country house in Virginia. I would stay up all night with Miss Agnes to cook Christmas breakfast, nothing short of a feast. Food brought my family together and cooking inspired me to keep traditions going in my family. I moved to Atlanta 11 years ago to study art direction in advertising at The Creative Circus and now work at J.Walter Thompson in Buckhead as an art director. I have had my hand in a lot of the Marines ads you see. 

Andrea Overstreet