Polo in the Pines 7

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.   Please join us in the mission of raising funds for pediatric cancer research, promoting awareness and family support to benefit our 2016 charity partner, CURE Childhood Cancer.    Polo in the Pines invites “Big Thinkers”, entrepreneurs, researchers, educators, medical advisors and supporters to connect for the cause as we plant the seeds for productive collaboration with global participation.   We welcome our community to invest and invite friends as we build this signature event together.

Polo in the Pines is a grass roots event created in 2012 by founder Tina Fowler to honor her mother Sharon Knight, now a 27 year survivor of leiomyosarcoma cancer.   The heart of Polo in the Pines is about sharing our personal journeys to help others.  Sharon Knight said “Life is about choices, and I choose to turn this negative into something positive.  It has been an opportunity for growth.  Growth is not always about getting what we want, but it is about being conformed to the image of Christ in which we become the men and women we have the potential to be.”

Polo in the Pines  is excited to share with you the inspirational stories of Matthew Willis and Lacey Johnson Wilkinson.   In the 8th grade, Matthew Willis was 13 years old when he was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer.   This incredible journey captured our hearts to share this inspiring with you.

Polo in the Pines 2013 keynote speaker Lynne Dale Williams, Team Summer, introduced us to our next 2016 honoree Lacey Johnson Wilkinson.  Lacey was 20 years old when she met Lynne’s daughter Summer Dale in 2012.   The two of them shared a special bond as they both battled pediatric sarcoma cancer.   They became best friends in the brief year they had together before Summer died but the legacy of giving continues to inspire others though Lacey’s dedication to Team Summer.

Polo in the Pines welcomes back St. Regis Atlanta as our luxury hotel partner for a weekend getaway.    We are gearing up for an exhilarating weekend to entertain guest with polo, upscale southern cuisine and gracious hospitality.    We will continue the tradition of Champagne Saboring & Stomping the Divots with St. Regis Atlanta.