Living Mindfully

Amber Barry of Buckhead began her teaching and coaching career in 2001, and has been an outspoken advocate of mindfulness, movement, discipline, and plant-based nutrition ever since. As the president of Atlanta Integrative Medical Center, the founder of Westside Yoga, and talk show host on WAFS, she inspires total body wellness with her healthy and relatable approaches to yoga, mindfulness and everyday well-being. Her passion for mindful living stems from the personal transformation she experienced when she discovered yoga 18 years ago. Daily yoga practice helped Amber reclaim her life after a car crash, which left her suffering and living in severe pain. Through her practice, she was able to completely rehabilitate her body, and now lives pain-free, and is thriving. She believes that everyone can live a crazy healthy life, and enjoys helping others reveal their best selves. When she is not practicing yoga, teaching, or speaking, she enjoys hanging out with her husband and three kids at their home in SoBu (South Buckhead), traveling, and getting outdoors as much as possible. When they head out for dinner, they like Local Three and JCT Kitchen. Amber and her family have been living in SoBu since 2008. Two daughters are at Atlanta Classical Academy and one daughter attends Morris Brandon. She shared some of her favorite healthy inspiration with us—check out her picks!

Yoga Mat: The Mat by Lululemon

There are a lot of great yoga mats on the market, but this is the only one that makes me feel safe when I practice. It absorbs sweat instantly, and is sticky enough that I don’t worry about slipping when I am challenging myself to learn something new.

Hydration: Taste Nirvana Coconut Water with Pulp

Love the taste of this raw coconut water! Reminds me of the roadside coconut water in Hawaii, is packed with electrolytes, and helps me recover after an intense workout.

Jewelry: Asha Patel Designs

Asha Patel is a local designer that I have admired for years. Her work is beautiful and meaningful, and she has unique designs that are simple and easy to wear, on the mat and off.

Healthy Treat: Strawberries Topped with Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips

So simple, but so satisfying! We always keep these ingredients in the house (organic when possible), so I know I can count on this quick and guilt-free treat when I am craving the sweet stuff.

Hiking Spot: Arabia Mountain

Atlanta’s best kept natural secret! Just 20 minutes outside the city near Conyers, it feels like you are on another planet! I love to make a day of it—hiking on the exposed rock, biking on the wooded paths, and skipping stones at the lake. So much to see and do at this beautiful nature preserve.