Falcons' New Stadium's True Cheerleader 4

One particular Atlanta Falcons cheerleader shares a deeper connection with the team’s new home, Atlanta’s newest landmark, Mercedes Benz Stadium. Outside of boosting team spirit and dropping jaws, Brianna Stade spends time off the field working as a Project Administrative Assistant at Darden & Company LLC, the real estate project management company overseeing the development of the stadium.

Brianna Stade is a Brookhaven resident and has cheered with the Atlanta Falcons for four years. She has been a part of the Mercedes Benz Stadium construction project since the first brick arrived on site. “It’s such an incredible building that brings a lot of excitement to the city of Atlanta,” she says.

Brianna works alongside top leaders recruited to build our city’s world class stadium. Scott Jenkins, General Manager of Mercedes Benz Stadium, oversees much of the construction. Under Jenkins supervision is a retractable roof so grand that it requires the largest crane in the world for installation.

Once completed, a 58-foot-high, 360-degree, high-definition halo board will complement the largest jumbotron in the world to be centered above the arena. The stadium will be equipped with the most advanced LED lighting that will illuminate the interior and exterior of the stadium so that the entire city knows when our team scores. Leaders developed innovative technology to eliminate poor service and grant fans free wifi. To top off the many improvements, our stadium will be one of the most eco-friendly superstructures in sports history. Rainwater collection facilities and solar panels that power electric vehicles outside the stadium will help reduce energy use by as much as 50 percent.

The many upgrades are accompanied by the “Game Changing Experience.” The NFL’s Voice of the Fan Survey, as well as primary research within Atlanta and other markets conducted by the Falcons and Atlanta United, clearly indicates that food and beverage is the third-most important driver of game-day satisfaction. During a hard hat media tour, Arthur Blank said one of [his] core values is listening and responding. “I think what you’ll see today is long term response to food and beverage. Variety and value in pricing will make it easier for a family to enjoy their game experience.”

Mike Gomes was recruited from Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts to help build the fan experience. As the Senior Vice President of the fan experience at AMB Sports and Entertainment Group, Mike focuses on reducing fans wait time by increasing the amount of locations for concession sales, adding self-service soda fountains, and incorporating whole dollar pricing.

Brianna is all for a total experience. “Where I live in Brookhaven there are so young professionals. Because the games and events are not in our neighborhood, the stadium provides a bigger reason to attend and be a part of the Atlanta community.”