Coaching and Kids For Kennedy

Liz Kennedy, Lovett’s head girl’s basketball coach has a contagious smile. It’s hard to talk with her and not be cheered. For 11 years, she has taken the Lovett girls team places they never thought they could go.  Two of her students are competing on the U.S.A. national team in Spain this year, one previous student and one a current rising junior, Jenna Brown.

When you meet Kennedy she all business, but her spirit and warmth shine when she talks about her loves: family, basketball, Lovett, and especially her basketball family. She grew up in upstate New York, attended college in Pennsylvania and was hired as an assistant coach at the college level after graduating. When Lovett reached out to her 11 years ago, she was ecstatic to move to Atlanta.  Little did she know, a few short years later she would meet her life partner Miki who is also softball coach.  They balance coaching and family, raising two young children with ease.

Having brought home Lovett’s first ever Basketball State Championship in 2012, Kennedy is proud that it was the girls that won the impressive title. “The kids put in the work, the coaches put in the work, we all put in the work,” she says, crediting the players first. Always.