Sweeter Summer Slumber 4

For many people, making the bed is a chore. And if we’re being honest, it’s at the bottom of the chore food chain, reserved for the last 5 minutes before flying out the door. For others, making the bed is a reoccurring line item on a New Year’s resolution checklist that quickly catches dust. And, on a sunny summer morning full of promise and pool-time, who cares?

However, it seems those walking among us who not only take the time out of their schedules to complete this task, but also enjoy it, benefit from lofty personality accolades including being happier, having a greater sense of self, and even being generally more successful than their unmade bed counterparts. With all of this at stake, can we afford to neglect our beds? I think not!

The perfect bed starts with the perfect mattress. Neglecting your mattress is like offering your mother-in-law a mint julep (WIN)…in anything BUT a metal vessel (FAIL). You’ll suffer long for not getting this critical sleep ingredient right the first time. I recommend heading to The Dump or to Natural Mattress in Buckhead. Do yourself the favor of making an investment in a high quality mattress.  I salute you and your fantastic choices, BuckHaven reader!

Let’s build upon our mattress, shall we? We asked Andrea Owens, a Gramercy linen expert, and a key member of the team at Gramercy Fine Linens, for her top tips on how the make the perfect warm weather bed without stealing too much time from our summer morning routine. We all know cutting into our coffee time is a sin. It’s simply not done.

Function and Fashion:

Andrea believes the best bed beds are born from the layering of beautiful, and comfortable, textural elements. Some designed for function, some designed for fashion, but all designed to be the statement piece in the room.


Invest in the best linens you can comfortably afford – and don’t go at it alone. You need to talk to an expert. I’m not suggesting you bring Andrea your bank statement, but if you give her a budget she can work with you. You will be amazed at the linen art directing that can be achieved with a limited budget.


Have some duvet decorating fun by styling these versatile pieces in different ways to achieve very different looks. Andrea suggests making your bed with the duvet cover pulled styled in one of three ways: all the way to the headboard, folded halfway to expose beautiful sheets with interesting designs, or folding it in thirds at the foot of your bed so it can be pulled up easily at night. Remember, down catches air. So fluff the daylights out of that duvet!


We all have the license to get a little wild and crazy with decorative pillows. This is one of the best opportunities to introduce pattern, the latest trends and custom, one-of-a-kind elements in the bed-making process.


Quilts, both light and heavy, add opulence to the bedding design. In warm climates like Georgia, these can take the place of heavier duvets. However, in the South, goodness knows we tend to err on the side of layers and frill, so many times you will see a quilt stacked on a duvet or draped across the edge of the bed – even when it’s 80 degrees. Bless our collective hearts.

Reduce Wrinkles:

Forget spot ironing – grab the spray bottle! A simple misting and the rogue wrinkles will disappear as the garment dries. Fragranced waters are also great as they add a nice aroma to the bed between washing.

If the good Lord didn’t give you the tidy gene, these tips should help you bend nature to your will…at least when it comes to your summer bedroom.