Hello, BuckHaven

The perks of this job are numerous. Last month, I travelled to Jacksonville, FL with a pack of regional and national journalists and we surfed, golfed, paddled, kayaked, made candy, toured a century-old underground bank vault, and sipped and savored the flavors of a city building itself up around a fine riverfront and nearby welcoming coastline. The enthusiasm and energy of the Visit Jacksonville team was contagious and by the end of the trip, I vowed to return (and to write about why YOU should visit…stay tuned for a story later this summer). Editors are constantly bombarded with product samples, invitations to openings and receptions and story pitches.  I meet some intruiging characters and learn, first-hand, why people are passionate about their job, their family, their philanthropy. I find myself in high rise offices with leaders of industry and in kitchens with families celebrating milestones. Everyone has a story. I love my job.

This month, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the creative and talented chef, Todd Dae Kulper at Doraku Buckhead. But, I’m admittedly more thrilled to have met his daughter (sorry Chef).  Little Alexandra charmed us all during the shoot, reminding us to please leave our shoes in the foyer and offering to show us her daddy’s bedroom closet where he keeps his white chefs coats.  She and her dad made their go-to treat for houseguests, fresh squeezed lemonade.  I thought is was fitting, since the busy chef does seem to squeeze love from every precious moment with his young  daughter.  That’s a lesson we all need to be reminded of.

This month, I hope you will take the lemons in your life and make lemonade, pouring a glass for the father in your life you love. I lost my dad 16 years ago to lung cancer (which is one reason I was thrilled Lifestyle Publications sponsored the American Cancer Society’s recent Hope Ball). And, this month, our three kids will honor their dad, my husband of 28 years.

Happy Father’s Day, BuckHaven dads!