Where are you going? 2

More than ever, I yearn to go places I’ve never been. It could be because my children are older and don’t require quite the on-location mothering (two out of three have flown the roost, anyways). Or, perhaps I read too many travel magazines and have adventurous friends who post too many gorgeous adventure photos on social media. Maybe my appetite was whetted during our eight years as expats living in the Virgin Islands, UK and Hong Kong. Then, there’s the possibility that as I get older, I feel the need to see more and do more while I am still fit and able.

Putting this issue together did not help. Now, I want to visit all the places our Lifestyle Publications photographers have been recently.  Check out the spread, “A Beautiful World,” where some of our talented staffers share their fave pics.

And, before my next trip, I want to pack like the fabulous personal stylist to the stars, Robanne Schulman, whose company Plaid Monkey outfits men and women right here in Buckhead and Brookhaven as they board planes, trains or minivans. The “sensible shoes” she chose for our “Carry On” travel gear feature surprised me, but heck, I’ll give them a try if she recommends them. I’ll sure turn some heads, if not an ankle.

When I asked Laura Flusche, the executive director at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) for her favorite museums to visit around the globe, she came back with five gems you will want to add to your must-do list. I love visiting museums anytime, but there’s something magical and rather Hollywood about spending time in a museum in another city, hearing snippets of art-appreciating conversation in different languages.

I hope this issue inspires conversations about your next trip. Share your stories and photos with us (email me or post them on our social media).

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who make coming home after a trip so very nice.