Around Town 18

Bum Around This Summer 
with BumFloat

Created by Atlanta natives David Mallis, Rob Broadfoot and Don Mock,  BumFloat was created after these three spent hours on Lake Lanier, until they had an “a-ha” moment for an ingenious float to keep lake lovers cool all summer long. Forget the noodles and uncomfortable tubes – the BumFloat allows you to float in an upright position with your shoulders at the waterline and the patented design is comfortable, floats perfectly and allows for complete range of motion in the water. This is key when reaching for things on the dock or boat – like sunscreen or a cold beverage. With built-in loops for tethering to the dock or anchored boat, these floats are perfect for bumming around the lake, hanging at the pool and relaxing in a calm ocean. The BumFloat is available in medium and large sizes and in a variety of colors. They’re available for purchase for $50 – $60 online at

Love Your Skin

May is Melanoma Awareness month! Have you had your yearly skin cancer check? If not you should schedule an appointment to see your dermatologist right away! Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S., and can affect anyone, regardless of skin color, gender or age. Melanoma is a particularly aggressive type of skin cancer, which develops from the pigment producing cells in the skin.  Melanoma can happen on any part of the skin, even areas that are not routinely exposed to sunlight.  It can also occur in the mouth or in the eyes. Melanoma can start on its own, or it can develop from a pre-existing mole. “Atypical moles” have a slightly higher chance of developing into a melanoma. It is important to pay attention to and notify your dermatologist if you have any moles that are changing (color, size, or shape) or if you have moles that look “different” from the rest of your moles.  If you have family members that have had melanoma, you are at higher risk for developing melanoma and should get checked regularly. In most cases, melanoma can be treated with local skin surgery done in your dermatologist’s office. However, if left untreated, melanoma can spread to the lymph nodes and other organs of the body, and can even lead to death. The most important thing is to make sure that you see your dermatologist once a year for a full skin check! And of course, make sure you always protect yourself from the sun with a broad spectrum sunscreen! Call the pros at Aesthetic Specialty Centre.

Northside Scores as Employer

Northside Hospital ranks 18th overall in the newly released 2016 Forbes survey of America’s Best Employers. The Atlanta-based health care leader broke into the top 20 after moving up from No. 23 overall in 2015. The rankings also list Northside Hospital as the No. 1 employer in Georgia, leading 14 other Georgia-based companies. The rankings were based on anonymous, random and unannounced interviews with 30,000 employees from large companies (more than 5,000 employees).  Northside Hospital is one of the fastest growing health care organizations in the Southeast and currently employs more than 13,400 employees, including physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, administrative and support services personnel throughout the Atlanta Region and many parts of Georgia. The Northside Hospital health care system is an 852-bed, not-for-profit health care provider with more than 150 locations across Georgia, including three acute care, state-of-the-art hospitals in Atlanta, Cherokee County and Forsyth County.

Lovett Travelers

Lovett offered middle and upper school students opportunities to visit far away destinations and serve others during spring break. Nineteen Lovett middle school students visited the Grand Canyon and 12 upper school students visited the Dominican Republic. During the middle school trip, students had the opportunity to work in a local food bank sorting donated food items in Flagstaff, Arizona. They also prepped and served food in a soup kitchen. For fun, students hiked in Red Rock, explored Sedona, saw the Painted Desert, and biked around the Grand Canyon. The upper school students worked on the construction of a school in the Dominican Republic. They hoisted buckets of gravel and sand on pulleys up to the third floor for mixing concrete. Lovett students played with local children and visited the beach one day. One upper school student remarked, “This trip was a memorable experience filled with many insightful life lessons and delightful people.” Photo shows the Middle School service trip to the Grand Canyon.

Blakely Foundation and Film

The 40th Anniversary Atlanta Film Festival entertained fans last month. We were happy to discover a  new partnership with SPANX and the Sara Blakely Foundation that will support ATLFF’s New Mavericks programming. In addition to funding the New Mavericks Award, which was awarded to a female filmmaker or film that features a strong female voice at the 2016 festival, SPANX and the Sara Blakely Foundation’s sponsorship of the Atlanta Film Society will provide for year-round New Mavericks programming.

Buckhead Condo Plans

On the heels of the award-winning, mixed-use Inman Quarter development, JPX Works, LLC, an Atlanta-based real estate development firm founded by Jarel Portman and Bruce Fernald, has released plans for its highly-anticipated 2520 Peachtree condominium tower project, which has officially been named Emerson. The visually striking, 21-story building will serve as Buckhead’s newest skyline jewel. The tower’s profile, which will command awe-inspiring views south over the Peachtree Battle district and north toward Buckhead’s commercial center, is an homage to Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous, “Fallingwater,” with cascading levels encompassing 44 sophisticated homes, each featuring abundant exterior glass and expansive outdoor terraces. Situated on 1.84 landscaped acres, Emerson will be an exclusive address, featuring one to three homes per floor, each serviced by a private elevator. Units are priced from $1.8 million.

Big Art at Woodruff

Generous Opera

Opera Volunteers International (OVI), a worldwide non-profit and the primary umbrella organization for advocacy and resources for opera volunteers, has awarded Capital City Opera of Atlanta a $2,000 matching grant. The grant will assist Capital City Opera Company in adding a new children’s opera to their children’s opera education program. Capital City Opera uses music from opera to introduce children to opera and ways to deal with issues that are important to education and the community. Billy Goat Gruff is a story that will use opera arias by composers Mozart, Donizetti and Rossini to teach children how to deal with bullying. Capital City Opera was one of three opera companies in the United States to receive this OVI grant award.


Fashion Photos at Lenox

Lenox Square has collaborated with Atlanta photographer Ben Rose to introduce an intimate glimpse into high fashion in Atlanta. Located near the center’s new Gallery Entrance between Cartier and Escada in the Neiman Marcus wing, the exhibit dubbed “Striking Poses” will offer guests a front row seat to some of the city’s signature fashion events. Lenox Square commissioned “Striking Poses” to showcase the city’s stronghold on world-class fashion and the designers who have committed their labels to Atlanta – all of whom call Simon’s Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza home. The photographs capture the essence of beauty, glamour and couture found both on the runway and backstage at the city’s leading fashion events. From graceful movements on the catwalk to intimate backstage moments captured seconds before models take the runway, Lenox Square has curated an exhibit of Rose’s work that will leave visitors intrigued and inspired by Atlanta’s burgeoning fashion scene. An Atlanta native, Ben Rose has been behind the camera since 1999.