A Beautiful World 1

Our photographers share their favorite vacation shots.


The sun sets over the 45th parallel, from the Bay View bluff on Little Travers Bay. #NoFilter on an iPhone5.  Families have gathered at this Chautauqua since 1875.  My mom brought my four brothers here in the 1950s and my children have spent 16 summers here in paradise. Sue G. Collins


My sad drive home after dropping my sister and her twins at the airport, ending a fabulous summer visit, was somehow brightened by the dark clouds and dramatic rain storm over this sunflower field in northern Michigan. Shot on an iPhone5. Sue G. Collins


On our tour guide trip through Italy, we were only able to visit two of Cinque Terre’s islands for a short period of time. I’m an avid hiker, and Cinque Terre has a hiking trail that connects all five villages. On our tour we didn’t have time to hike the entire trail, so I walked as far as I could in 30 minutes before we had to board the ferry to head to the next island and got this photo of the first island, Manarola. Alexa Lampasona


Sometimes you just need a new perspective. Shot in Puerto Rico with a  Fuji XE-1 camera. Scott Areman


An oil rig rotates as the sun sets outside of Brownfield, Texas. This is the quintessential Texas photo for me. All that is missing is a cowboy and a horse. Oil rigs just like this one lined the highways as I made my way across the state and into New Mexico on my way across the country. Shot with a Nikon D4s. Jonathan Phillips


The sun sets outside of Holbrook, Arizona. I love the movie “Big Fish.” It makes me laugh and it makes me cry.  The main image for the movie is a tree and to me this one looks a lot like it. I drove past this scene on my way across the country and had to turn around. I almost didn’t take this photo because I was sitting in the moment with my thoughts. I ultimately decided to capture it and am glad that I did.  Shot with a Nikon D4s. Jonathan Phillips


Cobblestone Streets of Ghent, Belgium. The title pretty much sums this photo up. There are so few of these in the States now. Dennis Malcolm Byron