Greens and Grains on the Go 2

Sorry Kermit the Frog, turns out your “It ain’t easy being green” motto just doesn’t cut it in BuckHaven anymore. Getting greens in our great neighborhood has never been easier—or more fun! We’ll take you through a sample day running around BuckHaven to show you just how easy it is to pack greens and grains into your busy schedule. Shall we?

Best Place to Get…

Juiced in the AM: Spent your morning running the monstrous inclines of Peachtree Hills? You’ve earned a treat! We recommend Juiceheads ATL. Former amateur bodybuilders James and Larissa Cato set up shop in the Lindbergh neighborhood of Buckhead. Grab a Coffee Crush (coffee, protein and almond milk really packs a punch) and you’re ready for the day (and maybe even your annual review at work).

Shots til You Shop: You went a little out of control with the fringe trend this season and need to return those unfortunate pants at Lenox Mall. (We’ve all been there.) Stop by Roots Juices for a couple of shots. Juice shots, that is. We recommend the Dandelion Shot (to increase energy and shopping stamina) and the lemon shot (for digestive issues and bloating and to help alkalize the PH in the body). Now, let’s do this Lenox!

Sip Up to Avoid the Afternoon Slump: Need something a little more substantial to hold you over until your afternoon workout? The menu at Juicy Jenny changes more than Justin Bieber’s hairstyle, which we LOVE! The one constant: cookies. Gluten free cookies of course. We digress. A bowl of bone broth one day, a big green organic salad the next—the world is your oyster here! Note: not sure if they ever put oysters on the menu, but one can dream.

Our Favorite Protein for the Pro-teens: You’re driving down Peachtree fighting traffic to get a gaggle of soccer players to the field on time and they.are.hungry. Emergency pitstop at DEFINE: Atlanta to pick up the best snack in town: Cashew Cinnamon Crisp Protein Bar. Ten grams of plant protein from cashews blended with cinnamon, cherries and hints of vanilla plus chia seeds, rice, cashew bits and quinoa. Ingredient list reads like a salad, but trust us, it eats like a candy bar.

Barre to the Bar: Have an hour before meeting your friends for cocktails at the St. Regis? Perfect! Put those yoga pants to good use, book a barre class and then make a beeline over to Dtox for a Beety Mary. The combination of carrot, celery, romaine, lemon, beet, lime, kale, spinach, dandelion, ginger and jalapeno (woah) will put a little pep in your step and give you a guilt free head start on happy hour. Throw a Dtox Water (alkaline water, cayenne pepper and lemon) in your bag for the morning after drinks. You’ll thank us later.

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