Burnin' it From Box to Barbell 4

Three gyms to try this spring

You know that feeling after a good workout, where you feel invincible and don’t even care how much you sweat? These gyms give you those feel-good endorphins, along with top-notch classes that kick your butt, and perks like themed classes, free snacks and more. Here’s the scoop on three of Buckhead and Brookhaven’s top gyms.


Atmasphere opened in March, and the luxe 10,000-square-foot facility features a member reception and relaxation lounge, two yoga studios with surround sound and LED lighting, a group meditation room, and a spin studio.

Perks: Valet parking for a gym? That’s just one of the amenities that members will enjoy in addition to a high end retail store that sells premiere yoga wear and accessories. Atmasphere is proud to house a healthy detox bar that serves cold-pressed juices, snacks, as well as the West Coast phenomenon, Bulletproof Coffee, first to come to a lifestyle studio on the East Coast. This is not your average yoga studio, but rather a swanky health club.

Programs:  The studio will offer more than 100 classes a week that will feature elements to energize, balance and soothe the body, mind and soul. Classes include sculpting, spin, fusion, vinyasa and hot yoga, and yoga combinations such as power fusion and a unique sage warrior boot camp for founding members.

Pops: The group meditation room is revolutionary in and of itself as it sets the stage for group pranayama meditation classes led by an Atmasphere certified instructor.

Particulars:  3097 Piedmont Road, LiveAtmasphere.com 404.444.9444


Burn Studios is a multi-platform boutique gym focusing on the power (and benefits) of three elements: Burn Cycle, Burn Box and Burn Yoga.

Perks: Burn has two fully-stocked locker rooms that include showers, bathrooms and digital lockers. In addition to the complimentary snack bar featuring fresh fruit and nuts for post-workout recovery, they sell locally-sourced juices from Bamboo Juices. The retail section’s branded workout apparel is both practical for wearing to classes, but also humorous like “Eat, Sleep, Burn, Repeat.”

Programs: More than 20 instructors are skilled in spin, yoga and kickboxing. Burn Cycle workouts combine interval training on hills and sprint sections with a light upper body workout. Burn Box’s high intensity workout tones muscles and hones technique while practicing kicks, strikes, and core work. Burn Yoga is divided into Burn Body, low-impact yoga focusing on quads, hamstrings and shoulders; Burn Sculpt fuses together yoga, pilates and barre with free weights to build strength.

Pops: Each class is carefully coordinated to a playlist that enhances the experience, whether that’s upbeat for an interval in spin or calming for a vinyasa. Their 70-inch televisions chart heart rate along with others in the class.

Particulars:  3575 Durden Dr NE,  LiveToBurn.com  770.837.0051


Sculpthouse was founded by  lifelong athlete and former Wilhelmina fitness model Katherine Mason. Classes at the intimate, boutique studio setting use either the Megaformer™, a spring-style table with resistance settings; or the Woodway® Curve, a treadmill with a curved surface and friction-less belt.

Perks: Sculpthouse’s boutique fits into the “atheleisure” lifestyle, featuring activewear from luxury fitness fashion designers, including Michi, Vimmia, Candida Maria US and Zara Terez.

Programs: The small staff of less than 10 instructors come from backgrounds in personal training, yoga, swimming and dance. Classes that utilize the Megaformer™ target strength and stability during resistance training, while classes on the Woodway® Curve amp up cardio and utilize different muscles than traditional treadmills.  The signature class is CardioSculpt, a fusion of 25 minutes on the Woodway® Curve and 25 minutes on the Megaformer™.

Pops: The NFL-endorsed Woodway® Curve is a non-electric treadmill with a slight curve and it is self-powered by the user, burning 30 percent more calories.

Particulars:  3617 Peachtree Rd NE, 
Sculpthouse.com  470.553.0080