Why Knot? 2

Buckhead Artist Explores A New Medium, 
And New York Welcomes Her Aboard

Buckhead artist Susan Beallor-Snyder continues to push herself into new media, new markets and new spaces.  A long-time friend of BuckHaven Lifestyle, we are so proud to announce that her work has been chosen to be included in the Children’s Museum of the Arts (CMA) new show, “SewWhat?” on view in the Cynthia C. Wainwright Gallery in lower Manhattan. We caught up with Susan, who lives with her husband Stuart Snyder in Buckhead and spends time creating art in New York and Maine.  “I am thrilled and honored to have been included in the show, “Sew What?” at CMA alongside some wonderful artists including the great twentieth century contemporary artist, Louise Bourgeois,” says Susan. The show runs through May 22.

The exhibition takes textile arts as its starting point and includes contemporary artists whose work transforms the material of fiber. “Sew What?” revels in the diversity of textiles, and how these materials are transformed through various techniques by contemporary artists.

Susan’s creative, inquisitive nature led her to explore different mediums over the course of her career. Beallor-Snyder, a New York City native, focuses on large scale natural manila rope forms. These one-of-a-kind sculptures allow her to infuse simple materials with thought provoking depth and profound emotion. Beallor-Snyder’s technique is what she calls free weaving, using the rope in different thicknesses along with a wire cutter. Beallor-Snyder works on the floor and creates as she goes, without a sketch or plan for the work. We can see the narrative in each piece as the eye travels the length of the sculpture, following the swirls of chaos, layers of inner turmoil and endless knots.

When Susan is in Atlanta, she works from her studio at Tula Art Studios on Bennett Street. “I am beginning work on a a new project.  My intent is to create a space for the viewer to get into my head and experience the different emotions that will be expressed, I will be incorporating video and sound into this large-scale installation,” said artist.

Susan and Stuart have two daughters who graduated from Pace Academy.  Madison is a junior at University of Michigan studying abroad this semester. She also landed an internship at JP Morgan in New York this summer. Sara is in Los Angeles pursuing a singing career. Stuart is the former president and COO of Turner’s Cartoon Network and Adult Swim and recently launched his own media company  which is focused on creating and distributing content, plus providing providing strategic guidance to media and start-up companies. He is also the co-producer of the stage production of “The Exorcist” which will open in London later this year.

Susan’s work will also be represented by Martin Nash in his ADAC showroom on Peachtree. And if you’re in New York this spring, be sure to visit the CMA and experience a visceral and textured show.