When Medical Docs Turn to Chiropractors 1

Not long ago, the medical, chiropractic and insurance industries were at odds and now two of the three are on the same page and have great respect for each other. Increasingly chiropractor’s waiting rooms are full of medical doctors and nurses all of whom are embracing this alternative option — and thankful for the chiropractic treatment.

“One of the basic premises of chiropractic is living a healthy life,” says Dr. Eric Tabano of The Joint in Brookhaven.  “Years ago the chiropractic community advocated many of the nutritional and lifestyle practices that are being adopted today. We believe in a holistic, organic and commitment approach to health and wellness.”

In fact, at the Chastain Square office, The Joint welcomes Dr. Boyd Igbo, MD, DC who is practicing chiropractic medicine a few days a week at the north Buckhead location. Dr. Boyd is a second generation MD who furthered his medical education and is also a doctor of chiropractic (DC).  Dr. Boyd still manages his father’s medical practice remotely, but hopes to make The Joint his full time medical home as a DC.

“Dr. Boyd and the entire staff here care about our patients and doing the right thing. That’s why we offer personalized treatment plans with a focus on pain relief and ongoing wellness,” says Dr. Brad Fraser, who heads the Buckhead location.  “Of course, if you put your back out playing golf, falling or just living life, you’ll need more concentrated treatments but it shouldn’t stop there. Our ongoing wellness care is what allows Americans of all ages to live a healthy and active life symptom-free or pain-free. Chiropractic treatments should be part of everyone’s everyday lifestyle.”

Dr. Fraser understands the benefits of regular chiropractic care. A former professional hockey player he would definitely still be feeling the falls on the ice and the hard hits a lot more without chiropractic care. “It really allows the body to work the way it is supposed to — heal itself,” he says. “I’m currently working with a World Class ranked Olympic hopeful and if he makes the Olympic team, I’ll accompany him to Rio de Janeiro to ensure he’s at peak form.”

Dr. Tabano, who heads the Brookhaven location, agrees that athletes of all ages should have regular chiropractic visits. “I treat two starters on the Atlanta Falcons team and The Joint clinics in Atlanta are the official chiropractors for our soccer team, the Atlanta Silverbacks. But small children, especially young athletes, benefit from our services because we can help with their injuries and help prevent them from worsening as they grow until adults where it can become chronic.”

And, while you’ll see medical doctors seeking relief from a chiropractor, many insurance companies still do not cover the visit.

But, don’t worry because The Joint Chiropractic provides the best service while offering a patient-first approach — even when it comes to finances. The Joint has more than 280 clinics around the country, including 23 in metro Atlanta, where a person can walk in and get the affordable needed treatment.

The Joint accepts a variety of payment plans and even has affordable membership and package plans. As for insurance, it doesn’t accept any and is, in fact, the largest provider of non-insurance, private pay chiropractic healthy in the country. For instance, after an initial visit, exam and adjustment, a patient can opt for the Premium Wellness plan where for $49 a month they can get up to four visits per month (six month agreement required). The same wellness plan, minus the six-month commitment, costs $59; a single visit is $29. Family plans are available.

Both chiropractors are quick to point out that they enjoy being a part of the Buckhead and Brookhaven communities are anxious to help with any chiropractic need — even at night or on the weekends.


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