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Georgia Grinders Give Us Nutty Butters From Nearby

In recent years, the health food trend has reached a new level.  Everyone wants products made locally, from natural ingredients, with easily identifiable contents.  Jaime Foster of Brookhaven, creator and owner of Georgia Grinders Premium Nut Butters, has carved herself a niche in this ever-increasing circle of healthy, natural food.

What began as almond butter made from a family recipe has grown into a national brand with numerous nut butters on its menu.  Foster, who has a background in medical sales, realized that the passion she originally felt for her career dissipated after having her second child.  She and her husband had strived to live a healthy lifestyle and create recipes for their family that reflected that.  So they took the leap, taking her grandfather’s almond butter recipe, crafting it into a larger scale format. Originally, NaturAlmond was sold only at farmer’s markets, where Foster could be face-to-face with consumers and receive feedback and ideas as to what would sell.  Soon after, she added three additional flavors of almond butter to her offerings.  In the fall of 2014, she rebranded her business to include different nuts and flavors, and in January of 2015 Georgia Grinders Peanut Butter was launched and Georgia Grinders Cashew Butter was added to the mix.

NaturAlmond is almond butter made from Foster’s grandfather’s personal recipe and provides a lighter, milder flavor than traditional peanut butter.  Flavors include honey roasted, maple caramel, salt free, and original.  If peanut butter is what satisfies your craving, Georgia Grinders offers both creamy and crunchy.  Lastly, cashew butter is available, as well, if you’re looking for a creamy, and flavorful alternative nut butter.  All of Georgia Grinders nut butters are vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and made with completely natural ingredients.  In fact, Foster was adamant about staying local.

“We take pride that we own and operate every facet of NaturAlmond and Georgia Grinders.  We can guarantee quality because we produce, manufacture, and track every single jar of nut butter that goes out.”  Product purity is guaranteed; in fact, most of her recipes are quite simple: nuts and sea salt, both of the highest quality Foster can find.  Georgia Grinders is made and shipped from a facility in Chamblee; all butters are produced in small batches by machines owned by Georgia Grinders.  Every single jar of nut butter can be tracked, anywhere in the world, a hands-on approach that is important to Foster.  In fact, Georgia Grinders is the only handcrafted peanut butter in the state of Georgia.

A resident of Brookhaven, Foster is an avid health enthusiast who carves time to in her busy schedule to exercise six days every week.  In addition to her constant work raising funds for ALS, a disease her mother was diagnosed with four years ago, Foster has partnered with Dekalb County School’s Vocational Training Program for Students with intellectual disabilities, teaching students on the job skills for the past two years at Georgia Grinders.

You can find the nut butters at  Whole Foods, Sprouts, Westside Provisions, and The Fresh Market.  Foster also stays true to her roots, working alongside her husband Harry, every week at local farmers markets including Peachtree Road Farmers Market, Marietta Square Farmers Market, Sandy Springs Farmers Market, and the Grant Park Farmers Market, among others.