Happy holidays, friends! 3

You know how we feel about shopping locally. Our advertisers are local. Our favorite shops and haunts are local. We bring you stories every month about local businesses that make living in Buckhead and Brookhaven convenient and fun. So, during December when shopping lists seems to be at the top of our list, we hope you will carefully consider where you shop and what you chose. We are happy to bring you a few ideas on page 16.

I’d be happy to find a tag with my name on any one (or six) of these lovely gifts. When you shop at Buckhead Atlanta, take your packages to the concierge and they will wrap them (white and red glossy paper with black satin ribbon) and send you on your way.  I love the sweet monogramed guest towels at Gramercy Fine Linens & Furnishings (and the baby blue satin ribbon they use to wrap your purchase). And the Tiffany blue box….well, I’d be speechless!

Happy, happy holidays,

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