Complimentary Shopping Help 
To The Rescue

Do you need help finding that perfect holiday outfit or gift? Local Simon malls provide two-hour complimentary personal shoppers to assist you year round, and you may be finding yourself particularly in need of their services during this busy month. Whether you accompany the shopper or they hold items at various stores for you to look at independently, you will be provided with advice and suggestions but are never pressured to purchase anything.

Lauren McNulty, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Lenox Square wants local shoppers to know that “we have launched this program at several malls across the country where we see potential need, and Atlanta was a great market to add this program to the amenities we already offer! Now if you’re looking for a new wardrobe or to re-do a room, or even knock out your Christmas list – we can help!”

One of Lenox’s personal shoppers, Laura Miller, loves helping people figure out what makes their life work as far as fashion, makeup, and home interiors. Her style assistance is memorable for her as well as her clients. Laura explains that “one of my most fun clients was Samantha, a young woman who produced a full length feature film and needed the right dress to wear to the premiere. The event was on a Monday night and we were shopping for the dress at Lenox Square on Sunday afternoon! No pressure, right? We found the perfect dress at the very end of the shopping day, after visiting multiple stores and experimenting with different styles in dresses and accompanying jackets and sweaters. I left the appointment feeling so excited and happy that Samantha felt confident and thrilled about her dress for this huge night in her life—and that I got to be a part of it!” Client Samantha Osburn of Atlanta recalls the experience, “I’m a full time producer for a local production company and needed a stunning outfit for my premiere event. Laura took into account my budget and personal style and helped me choose a flattering outfit that made me look and feel confident. I definitely recommend this service to anyone with a busy schedule or an event too important for indecision.”

Many times shoppers find their complimentary session so helpful that they continue working independently with their personal shopper after their initial meeting. These shoppers rates begin as low as $100/ hour, which is a steal when it comes to the time you will save and the access to their knowledge and expertise.

A great idea for trying your complimentary session might be to pair your personal shopping experience with one of Simon’s upcoming events, such as Photos with Santa (November 5-December 24) or Macy’s Great Tree Lighting on November 22. Since you will already be at the mall, you could get some holiday shopping done. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to simply choose from a collection already gathered for you or to have an extra set of expert eyes in a crowded store? Of course! It’s a hectic time of year, who couldn’t use some help? Request an appointment today by contacting Leslie Bland at 404.261.7910 or