Warm Welcome 4

Think thread count and Wi-Fi!

For many, the familiar feeling of holiday preparation may bring on a flurry of emotions. Just ask any veteran holiday host; getting your space holiday-ready can be as mutually gratifying as it is daunting. Between transport-logistics for out-of-town guests and meal planning, finding time to review the quality, comfort and accessibility of your guests’ quarters before their arrival is often one of the last things crossed off any to-do-list.

The home design experts at Nandina in Inman Park are here to help you prioritize details and determine what to do to ensure your guests have the most enjoyable experience during their visit this holiday season. Here’s what you need to know:

Traveling during the holidays may mean carefully balancing time between visiting loved ones and working. In this age of hyper-connectivity, travelers are mapping out their trips based on accessibility to Wi-Fi, a slew of ergonomic factors including desk or chairs, as well as overall functionality of the space. “It’s for this reason many guests find themselves sleeping in hotel rooms and opting out of stays at the parents or 
in-laws. Availability to remote-access is no longer an option. It’s a necessity,” says Nandina Co-founder and Designer John Ishmael. “It’s equally important to view guest dwelling quarters as multifaceted spaces that can easily shift from an office-on-the-go to a personal sanctuary. Just think about the level or relaxation and comfort you’d expect if you were to travel out of town.” The design team suggests simply adding a throw, textured pillows, or a large functional lamp to help create a dynamic environment for your guest – especially if you’re working with a small space. Include a welcome card on the bedside table or guest room workspace that includes the home’s Wi-Fi network name and password, simple instructions to the TV remote as well as any scheduled dinners or activities.

Keeping things simple but comfortable is a theme. “ Within each design genre, we’ve begun to see a trend of clients wanting less. Not necessarily less in aesthetics, people still love beautiful things, they just want less stuff.” But don’t forget the small details, like choosing the right bedding. “Sheets are by far one of the most overlooked factors of design,” says the design team. Think high thread count and hospital corners. Also, equip guests with the basic necessities like soft bath towels, fragrant soaps, a coffee maker, a few bottles of water and plenty of toilet tissue. These are the details you don’t want to overlook when your guests arrive.”

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