Sweet Gemma Simplifies the Fine Art of Decorating A Nursery 4

Today’s modern couple has curated the perfect home.  Here in Buckhead and Brookhaven homes, you’ll find impeccable design: the chairs might be Brunschwig & Fils, the rug hand-picked from Moattar, and oh–that heavenly sideboard–it has to be a Baker original.  Homes today are far from ho-hum, which is exactly why Lindsey Viscomi was stumped in 2013 when she went to decorate her first nursery. Nurseries, she felt, should complement the décor in a home. Artwork ought to be original and certainly pleasing (given she was about to spend A LOT of time in the room). Viscomi, who lives in Druid Hills notes, “People spend so much time creating a beautiful home but the nursery is often in conflict with the vibe of the rest of the home. Your nursery should be as unique as your little one.”  Inspiration was born and SweetGemma.com soon followed, an online retail website that takes the guesswork out of finding stylish art for nurseries and children’s rooms.

“When I went to create my first nursery, I found there was a lot of artwork out there but I had to do quite a bit of digging to find it,” Viscomi says.  “I wanted to streamline the process for parents, procuring original artwork with a modern esthetic and fresh, clean lines.”  And procure, she did!  Viscomi licenses art from artists all over the country and offers work from 75 artists (both canvases and prints) on her site.  Artists featured on the site include Mary Campbell, Kate Moore, Colin Walsh and more.  Sweet Gemma’s current line (two babies and two homes later) continues to grow steadily.  One of the site’s most popular features is a nursery inspiration board/blog that discusses food and fodder for new parents–along with, of course, décor ideas.

“Sweet Gemma made it so easy for me to find artwork that complemented my son’s nursery,” says Victoria Davis of Buckhead.  “As a mother of two young children, I didn’t have the time to hunt for art; with Sweet Gemma there’s such a great selection all in one place.  I quickly found a print with a wonderful phrase that represented our family — ‘Let’s Laugh and Be Silly’ — and it looks fabulous in my son’s room.”

Perusing the website I ponder a “Little Woodsman” theme-complete with cavern home tapestry, flannel throw pillows and artwork featuring woodland creatures.  It’s perfect for a cabin or mountain home-one I envision is nestled in Big Canoe.  While not my personal style, I admire that the décor is not run of the mill and proceed to check out additional artwork offered on the site.  I’m immediately drawn to a canvas by Mary Campbell (a graduate of The Portfolio Center in Atlanta) titled “Alive.”  The colors are soothing and the artwork could easily be hung anywhere in the home (not just a nursery).  It IS my style and I deduce that there’s something for everyone here.  Many of the pieces could easily evolve with the changing of the child’s room- something customers will find an added benefit to their purchase.

On the subject of evolution, one thing Viscomi’s creation refuses to do is stay stagnant.  Like her children (Sweet Gemma is aptly named after her first child, Gemma), the business continues to grow.  Future plans include rolling out wall decals (which enable parents to change the look of a room easily) along with adding more artists to their current collection.  The retail site will also partner with local interior designer Laura Brown on a monthly basis by creating an inspiration board that debuts a themed room and provides ideas and products to help readers recreate the design.

Prospective parents will find SweetGemma.com a delightful destination.  Finding the inspiration to design a nursery is hard enough but as Viscomi explains, “You shouldn’t have to search countless shops and websites or spend a fortune to design a room you love.”  Bleary-eyed parents of newborns will will note one further benefit when their nursery is complete; As Viscomi chimes in “When you’re in your nursery at 2 a.m., you’ll be glad you love the room!”  For more information visit SweetGemma.com.