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Buckhead Shop Finds New Homes For Furniture

Do you ever wonder where beautiful furniture goes when it’s outlived its welcome? It’s probably at Swoox Curated Consignment in Buckhead, where gently used designer furniture comes to find a second life, and for buyers it’s a high-end treasure hunt where the merchandise changes almost daily.

“We’re the perfect platform for people who live in all these large beautiful homes who are downsizing to condos or for estate sales,” says Jenn Balcos, curator and interior designer. “And sometimes, no matter how fantastic a designer is, a piece of furniture or an accessory just doesn’t work. There are storage units around town full of merchandise that was rejected that’s just collecting dust. We’ve been saviors to people in a lot of different scenarios.”

Swoox is very selective in what it accepts. “We get a lot of lovely furnishings including vintage, rugs from Morocco, lighting, jewelry, art. We’re lucky in that we can hand-pick what we accept. We tend to look at texture first, not a lot of color. You’ll find a lot of black, white and gray in here. But whatever we accept, is very high-end,” says Balcos.

Owner Kelly Anthony says the concept came from her experience in the interior design business. “In interior design, you always have clients downsizing, moving, redesigning, changing styles and the question is always, ‘what do I do with the old things’? We thought about a high-end store that other people can come in and reinvent the pieces in a boutique setting. It was one of those ‘aha’ moments.”

The store presents the pieces in creative ways that ignite a buyer’s imagination. “We try to re-interpret a piece and mingle old with new. We have some pieces that were in designer’s showrooms and are no longer in the line. We get furniture that has been in houses for years, but we pride ourselves in showing people how they can blend these pieces with what they have at home and be very happy,” Anthony says.

The shop has only been open less than a year and already the entrepreneurs are thinking about expanding. “It’s been crazy. Every single day someone drops something fabulous off,” says Balcos. “There’s never a dull moment because people want beautiful things at great prices.” If a piece is accepted, the store splits the sale 50-50 although sometimes they will trade for a piece if the buyer sees something he or she wants. Usually people take pictures of their pieces and show them to either Anthony or Balcos before bringing them into the store. “It’s a new world. We see pictures of potential pieces that are emailed, or on Facebook or Instagram to us and a lot of people buy the same way,” Balcos says. “It just makes everything quicker and easier.”

In addition to previously owned furniture, rugs and accessories, Swoox offers several jewelry lines, such as by Roen and Meaghan Torbert McCord, as well as art especially commissioned for Swoox. “We want to support local artists and some of them are really making a name for themselves,” says Balcos.  Swoox is located at  56 East Andrews Dr.