Hello, BuckHaven.

In sixth grade, I came home one day to find blue shag carpet newly installed in my bedroom. Down the hall, my little sister was rolling around on her new multi-shade pink shag flooring. Ah, that smell. We were rich, I thought! Mom added a blue patchwork quilt (procured from a fund raising auction at the preschool where she taught), arranged a collage of fish-shaped baskets on my wall, moved a sweet little desk and chair into my room and, voila, the redecoration was complete. Those wicker fish inspired us, launching my fish collection: boxes, pendants, paper weights, tapestries and more. I was a swimmer (though not a Pisces) and had a book about Jacques Cousteau and often dreamed at a young age that I could breathe under water. I loved fish and perhaps my mom picked up on this, instilling a new tradition and teaching me to nest by starting a collection for me. She was thoughtful like that.

Our feature on page xx brings you the story of collection curator Cathy Smith-Bresciani. Her gorgeous Habersham Road home is alive with her beloved Steiff animal collection and artfully displayed vintage findings.  Photographer Fredrik Brauer captured the many layers and careful design of each room.

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Happy Thanksgiving!