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Photographers Capture Big Personalities with Children and Pets

Photographers have a unique view of the world. They see things we don’t see and gracefully capture subtle smiles, gestures and personality galore.

Lifestyle Publications invited Atlanta’s hottest photographers who spend their days working with children and pets, to share their favorite images and explain how they manage to tame the cranky, feisty and fun!

They all agreed parents should relax and let them do what they do best.  “Try to remember we are surrounded by newborns at least 6 -8 times a week.  Just sit back relax and just enjoy this time without having to worry about your new sweet love crying,” says veteran Laura Brett of Laura Brett Photography. Another pro, Katey Penton suggests parents bring treats and toys that will help the little ones to cooperate and choose a time for your session when your child will be in a good mood. Avoid nap and meal times. “And, it can be good to choose a place where the child is comfortable and familiar,” Penton says.  Similarly, when photographing pets, remember pets can pick up on stress from their owner if the owner is overly worried about the pet posing this way or that way, says Atlanta pet photographer, Leesia Teh. She says expect to pay around $250 for a one-pet shoot, and another $500 – $2,000 on prints and products like gallery wrapped canvases or albums. Rates for photographers who work with kids start around $150 for the first hour and one child, increasing as the number of subjects and hours are added. Atlanta’s own Cameron Adams adds that these rates should get parents an unlimited use of images, too.

When deciding on what the kids should wear, photographer Oana Hogrefe chimes in: “Clothing should be about comfort, and for families, a palette rather than specific colors. For instance, earth tones instead of all browns. Allow the children to be involved in choosing their clothes or at least some beloved accessories or toys.”  And, if you’re planning for an outdoor session, grab a morning or late afternoon session for a beautiful glow from natural light.

“We want all of our parents to sit back, relax and enjoy the session.  Don’t worry about if your baby will cooperate or not.  We have been doing this a long time and there isn’t anything we can’t handle,” promises photographer Jess Kamm whose studio is in North Buckhead.

Enjoy these gorgeous images and…. SMILE!