Meet Brookhaven's First Dogs

Rebecca Chase Williams has been mayor here in Brookhaven for four months. At City Hall, she plans to continue to focus on the basics—police, paving, parks, permitting, code enforcement, zoning and keeping taxes low, working to ensure that our city remains financially solid and working in the most efficient, ethical and transparent way possible. Williams says her goal is to strive to make Brookhaven exceptional—whether that means building world-class parks, finding innovative solutions or becoming a national model for other cities. One of her most beloved efforts has been watching 240 cherry trees being planted in the city, naming the cherry tree as Brookhaven’s official tree and helping plan the Cherry Blossom Festival, an annual event set for March.

Outside city hall, her cabinet includes her beloved pups, Max and Beanie. The mayor is a long-time supporter of the Humane Society and her family has always had a dog in the household.  She and her husband, Dick Williams have lived in Nancy Creek for 30 years.