It lasts longer

We asked a few of our favorite Lifestyle Publications photographers to share their more poignant images from recent travels outside our perimeter.
Dennis Malcolm Byron (writer and photographer for our Driver’s Notebook series and other fine stories) has had the pleasure of traveling twice to Thailand. “This country is truly majestic. From the delectable cuisine to its rich history, jaw-dropping natural beauty and pampering accommodations, I was blessed to experience its splendor,” saya Byron, who left no stone unturned during his visits. He shot with his trusty Canon Rebel T22i.  Follow his trail at

Scott Areman likes it hot. In Miami, he took his camera everywhere and stepped outside his comfort zone. He stepped inside a barbershop along a busy street to find conversation and inspiration. “This shot feels old worldly. Plus, the way the little girl is looking at me lends to the tale.”  He shot in Miami with a Fuji XE-1 and Fuji 27mm lens. In San Juan, Puerto Rico, he turned his head while walking through a crowded cemetery to find the urban skyline, punctuated with telling grave stones. “I like this image because it has a peacefulness and also a distinct contrast between old and new, secular and religious.” Scott shot this with a Fuji XE-1 and Fuji 35mm f/1.4 lens. He shot the lovely women in our feature honoring volunteers in our January issue. See more of his work at

Kathryn McCrary is a firm believer in taking a spring break even if you don’t have kids or are not in school yourself.  She and her husband travelled in March to the island of Dominica in the West Indies. “Everyone can use a break from the cold and a change of scenery is always good. My husband and I loved relaxing and adventuring in Dominica. The island was so lush and natural and the food was amazing. We can’t wait to go back.” Kathryn shot her vacation highlights on her iPhone. She has been a photographer for Lifestyle Publications since we launched three years ago. Follow her on IG @KathrynMcCrary.

John Mattson of John Arthur Photography has the life. His studio is in Beaufort, S.C. We met him during our visit to that adorable coastal village in 2014 and he shot the editor and some of our new favorite spots in and around town.  While John finds magic in photographing people in bold lighting with intriguing accessories and make-up, his lens often takes him to the beach. Take a trip and visit his site at

Be inspired by these images, next time you travel!